Spirit Airlines Bares New Livery

NEW YORK | September 18 | Spirit Airlines decided to follow it’s two fellow low cost carrier Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines, both carrier unveiled new livery and logo’s last week.

Spirit this past Tuesday September 16 unviled their latest livery and logo. The livery features a bright yellow fuselage with the word “Spirit” written billboard style in the middle of the fuselage in a pencile sketch font concept. The sketch theme concepts looks as if the word “SPIRIT” was sketch onto the aircraft then filled in doodle style. The pencile sketching of the word “SPIRIT” will appear on the middle of the aircraft fuselage and on the tailfin. The word “Bare Fare” is written on both engines. Bare Fare is the airlines latest motto. 

Spirit Airlines dub the livery as the Bare Fare livery. USAToday got a chance to spend the day with Spirit at their facility in upstate New York. USAToday was able to get photography of the new livery being applied to an Spirit Airlines Airbus A319.

The airlines newest logo will continue the airline trend of wordtype logo. This latest one has “Spirit” font in a doodle sketch theme concept. The concept gives the lettering the look as if it was sketch by a fancy iPhone, Android app or by a well talented artist, instead of the typical type on fonts, use by all most every airline out there. The letters are jet black. The logo is then finish off with the company slogan Less Money, More Go.

The airline website also brings more of that sketch theme, the entire website done in bkack , yellow and white, feels as if it was sketched out. The sketched out theme used on the website is fun and adds a personality to Spirit Airlines, and erase their hungry fee grabbing personality applied to the airline today.


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