What I Think about American New Livery!

On Thursday January 17, 2013 American Airlines day viewed their new livery; which mean their almost 40year bare metal livery was going to be replaced. As you know many people wasn’t happy about this and they was even more terrified over the new livery, some felt disrespected by the flag on the tail some felt disrespected by the eagle replacement logo. Some felt that American new branding was too filmier to Greyhound, Cubana Airlines, Colgan Airlines, and a many other brands.

I for one thinks that the livery is beautiful; I for one think they hit a nail on the head with the livery the American flag on the tail of the aircrafts. As an American I am proud to have an Iconic Airline such as American wearing and flying the American flag all over the world.

What I am offended by is people; that claims they are offended by the flag being on the tail instead of AA and an eagle, I know the eagle is a big part of the brand and the AA is very iconic but I also believe that an American Flag is more all known than an AA with an Eagle an once American Airlines fly start there tour and don’t for get if they do merge with US Airways this Airline will become the worlds largest airlines which mean they will be flying to more place than anyone can even dream of and everyone will know which airline it Is once they see that American flag on the tail of the Airline they will know its “American” Airlines. I think if any airline that could’ve pull of the American Flag on its tail is American Airlines.

For the people that’s complaining about why they change and iconic livery; people if you don’t know nothing please STOP LIKE YOU DO PLEASE!. What you don’t understand is that American had no choice but to paint their aircraft because most aircrafts are going to be made with composite materials which means that the bare metal option is completely out! for people who hasn’t seen an American airlines plane up-close and personal, the bare metal livery isnt really working for newer airplanes, most of them looks like they more than forty years old. Although the livery is iconic its just really isn’t working anymore and I agree with every single decisions that American had made.

The new livery works well with the plane from the silver grey logo to the silver grey bill board name plate, the American Flag at the tail a simple work of art as I said before there isn’t a single airline in this country that could have pull of that tail like American did; it also works well for American Eagle jets their planes look for more sophisticated and elegant, older planes and newer planes seems like they just got a breathe of fresh air. Just like Eagle Jets American Website just became luxurious just as in the livery, the new logo and paint scheme just work so very well for everything within the American system, its like a new life has came down on everything, now in my hopes I really do hope that American airlines and US Airways join forces because, I don’t think US Air can survived out there on their own since every main line airlines had merge with each other leaving them as an od player on the outside looking in. American doesn’t really need the merger but it would certainly help them become the worlds largest airlines once again bring them back to where they once were.

So I for one is loving the direction American Airlines is moving into from the new livery to the new jets and their website, from my eye heart and soul I think they have a wining team to succeed in the near future.

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