First UK Registered Revenue Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flight

London, ENGLAND | UK base airline Thomson Airways will make its very first revenue Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight later this week. The Dreamliner which have been in some serious heat over the pass months about safety regarding its batteries, seems to be looking good and strong and have been making extensive test flights since being delivered to Thomson last month. The airplane (G-TUIB) will be flying on domestic practices routes from Gatwick Airport to Manchester on the 21 of June and on. Thomson is expected to take the Dreamliner on ultra long haul routes from the United Kingdom to places such as Japan (2013); Jamaica (2014; Barbados (2014) and many other destination that the airline haven’t announced as yet. SMADE MEDIA Airline Team will have you covered on how well the first UK Dreamliner did on its very little short hop. Soon British Airways will be receiving its long awaited Dreamliner along with its double decker which have been seem flying around.

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