FAA Suspend all US Airlines Flights into Israel for 24-Hours!

BRONX, NEW YORK | Israel and Hamas conflict in Gaza a Palestinian territory runned by the terrorist group Hamas; has been going on for many years, however lately it has gotten worst and worst by the day. Hamas for years has been sending rockets into Israel that has only landed in the desert, where no one lives, however most rockets has been intercepted by the Israel defense force (IDF). The Hamas runned Gaza strip have gotten controlled of even more powerful rockets that has a capabilities of reaching deep into Israel cities and towns such as Tel Aviv. Israel so far has shot down drones and many other rockets that has been used by Hamas. Just this past week Israel began a ground assault on the Gaza strip hoping to stop Hamas from doing anymore damages, closing tunnels and finding Hamas weapons and rockets stash.
The world has take notice of the conflict and has been watching whats happening very closely; many airlines around the world continued to operate into Israel main airport; Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, which is often consider one of the world most secured airports with security force from Israel Police department, the IDF and Israel Border Police the TSA of Israel.

GALLERIA - A Look inside Ben Gurion Airport Terminals and ATC Tower

The world took notice late Tuesday when Delta flight 468 a Boeing 747 daily service from New York’s – John F. Kennedy International Airport to Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion International Airport, The Boeing 747 was over Greece en-route to its destination with 273 passengers on board when the flight turn around away from the Ben Gurion Airport, the flights original destination and instead flow and landed at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Delta didn’t originally stated why the airline did not land at its original destination, however Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is home to Delta SkyTeam partner Air France.
Later on during the day of July 22 in Israel. The Israel Military said that about 41 rockets was fired toward Israel from Palestinian territory. According to CNN’s corespondent Atika Shubert, who was reporting from Ben Gurion Airport said she saw a rocket being intercepted near the airport. Shubert stated that

“This is the environment that the planes are flying in and out of,”

With the Issued FAA order, United Air Lines flight from New York’s – Newark Airport in New Jersey was cancel and American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv was also canceled. The flight is operated by American Airlines merging partner US Airways, who is about to merge with American Airlines, creating the largest airline in the world by fleet size once the marge is complete, sometime this year.

FAA release a statement on why they made the decision to suspend US airlines from operating to Tel Aviv

“The notice was issued in response to a rocket strike which landed approximately one mile” from the airport Tuesday morning,

FAA stated.

Tuesday night many airlines still continue to operate at the airport including Israel own EL AL Airlines, that includes its five flight to US destination such as New York at both JFK and EWR-Newark Liberty International Airport and Los Angeles.

Jeff Price of Israel Airport Authority spoke with CNN on the FAA decision

“U.S. companies made the decisions on their own, and it urged them to reconsider, saying the airport was safe.

“There is no reason that American carriers should stop flying to Israel and thus give a prize to terror,”

Aviation security consultant Jeff Price calls the decision by airlines to halt flights to Tel Aviv’s airport for the moment “a prudent measure considering the proximity of the rocket attacks to the Ben Gurion airport.”

“The airline must protect their passengers and their asset (the airplane) from death, damage and destruction, so they aren’t going to fly into a location that they believe to be unsafe,” Price said.

The airport as of now Tuesday July 22 8pm EST does continue to see airlines operation from various other countries, however airlines from the US and Europe have continue to fly to the airport. Russian airline Aeroflot and also a member of SkyTeam along with Delta and Air France have continue to operate as well. Although the FAA suspension is for only 24-hour American, Delta and United doesn’t plan on operating to the airport once the FAA order is lifted until feature notice.

Galleria - Ben Gurion Airport Operations

SMADE Travel Team does feel that FAA made the right decision, by not letting Americans into such and hostile territory where anything can happens at any given time. However is those passengers does still want to fly to Israel probably for family matter, we know that these airlines will get there passages there on the stop though other carries, as we stated Aeroflot is still operating from Moscow, Russia delta airlines can route its passages though Moscow, and American that is still in  Israel waiting for a flight on they book on one of these American Airlines will definitely still be able to get out, either by flying though a partner of the American government will arrange some type of plan to get its citizens out of Israel if the conflict gets any worst. A process America has always done look after its people where ever they are.


Ben Gurion International Airport Operations


In 2014 Israel busiest airport saw 14.2 million total passengers up 8.3% from 2012 13.1 million passengers, and 104.8 thousand in total aircraft operations. The airport has seen a rise in passenger for the 4th straight year in 2013. in 2008 and 2009 the Airport won the award for best Airport in the Middle East, an award presented by Airports Council International. With many airlines from around the world Ben Gurion certainly plays a role into Israel economy, the airport handle a majority of cargo into the country. The airport sees a lot of international commercial airlines bring passengers into the country, however Israel own EL AL Airlines is the busiest airline at the airport handling 4.09 million passengers in 2012 followed by Arkia who carried 466 thousand passengers, Lufthansa 428 thousand passengers, Turkish Airlines 364 thousand and United Airlines with 361,700 passengers. The busiest destination international wise is into New York Airports at 1,1 million passengers annually, with Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport coming second at 769 thousand passengers, so delta made a wise choice at the airport it choose to land at. Air France should be able to get the stranded passengers out into Ben Gurion.

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