China Eastern Airlines Celebrate First Boeing 777 and The Beginning of A New Chapter!

BRONX | NEW YORK | WED, September 24 | by O’Keeve Foster (SMWA)


Today mark two milestone for China Eastern Airlines. The first milestone: The airline took delivery of its very first Boeing 777-300ER at the Boeing factory in Seattle,  Washington.  The airline was greeted to a beautiful welcoming party, celebrating, China Eastern first of 20 brand new Boeing 777-300ER. The airline will take until the year 2018, years down the road. Boeing rolled the red carpet to the stairs of the new long haul jet, as they get ready to hand over the keys to China Eastern pilots. 

The captain and the first officer step a board the brand new aircraft with that beautiful smell, a quick walk up and down the cabin of the Triple Seven. Then straight to the flight deck they go, waving to the employees of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, started the number one engine followed by the number two, and taxi out to the runway, as they continue to wave. As the Triple Seven Lineup for takeoff one more wave was made. The 777-300ER fly down the runway and off it went to China to start a new life with China Eastern Airlines.

For many that doesn’t know,  the Boeing 777-300ER is a twin engine long range aircraft capable of flying more than 300 passengers to over 7000 nautical miles. The 777 family is also the most successful twin engine long range aircraft ever made, along with the 200LR and 300ER, these big birds mostly act as the back bone of many airlines long haul service, because of it efficiency and its range.



China Eastern Airlines currently operates 39 wide-body aircrafts, with a mixture of Airbus A330-200/300 and Airbus A340-600 these aircraft are responsible for carrying China Eastern travelers not only safely but efficiently on Domestic and International destinations. However the Airbus 340-600 isn’t capable of flying long haul mission efficiently as the Boeing 777-300ER, therefore are being retired and replace by Boeing 777-300ER. A move many airlines are turning too. China Eastern configure its Airbus A340-600 in a 322 seating arrangementm with a 8-42-272 seating layout spreading across the cabin in 3 class. China Eastern will configure the Boeing 777-300ER with 316 seats arrange in 6-52-258 seating in the same 3 class.

Chairman of China Eastern Airlines, Liu Shaoyong spoke about it’s new flagship Boing 777-300ER.

“We are delighted to introduce our first 777-300ER in China Eastern’s new look in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the 777-300ER program.” “The delivery not only marks a milestone in the long-standing business relationship between China Eastern and Boeing, but also signals the modernization of our world-class fleet and the enhancement of the competitiveness of our trans-pacific routes.”

Said Liu Shaoyong

China Eastern Airlines, a Skyteam member will be operating its new 777-300ER aircraft between China and North America, as the airline looks to boost its trans-Pacific products. The airline plas to make North America a major market for the airline. China Eastern is also will also add frequency to major cities the airline already servers from Shanghai, China to major cities in North America, such as New York, Vancover, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the reason for extra Business Class seats on board the Triple Seven(777) aircraft. However China Eastern Airlines will deploy its new 777 on routes to New York-JFK and Los Angeles-LAX.

The second major milestone for the airline: The Boeing 777-300ER will be debuting China Eastern new livery and new logo. The new logo and livery is the very first for the airline in over 25 years. The new logo featured a more modern look to its current logo. The C and E lettering are emphasize in the logo. The logo is now red and blue, the airline new colors. The new livery, which many calls the most boring livery ever, features a Euro-White fuselage with blue outlining of the doors and emergency exit. The airline name is written in both Chinese and English. Chinese appears in Red, while English appears in Blue.

President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Ray Conner Express his feelings on behalf of the Boeing Company 777 chosen to be the first to debut and wear the new livery and logo.

“We are honored to play an integral role in China Eastern’s growing success as a leading global airline,” “The 777-300ER is a perfect fit for China Eastern’s long-haul fleet and we are pleased to celebrate this milestone delivery together.”

Said Mr Conner



China Eastern Airlines configured its new Boeing 777-300ER in a 3 Class layout with 316 total seats. First Class has six suites seats arraged in a 1-1-1 layout. Business seats has 52 total seats, that’s 10 more Business seats offering on Trans-Pacific flights on board Eastern new 777-300ER. China Eastern Business Class Cabin is configured 1-2-1 layout while economy has 258 seats arranged in a 3-4-3 seating layout. China Eastern Economy Class on board their A340-600 are arranged 2-4-2. Eastern dedicate the more space offering on the 777-300ER to Business travelers. The SkyTeam carrier currently has 20 Boeing 777-300ER on order, the first of those 20 was delivered today(September 24,2014). These aircraft will be replacing China Eastern Airlines current fleet of Airbus A340-600 on Trans-Pacific flights.


The Six First Class suites features new lighting system, A 180 degrees fully lie-flat bed seating. Since First Class is configured in a 1-1-1 seating layout arrangement, Travelers will always have privacy and always have access to aisle for quick access in and out of their suites.  Travelers in first Class will also love their personal 16-20 inch in-Flight Entertainment touch screen, with seat mounted controls along with an extra wide table for working during long flights, for meal service, so you can enjoy your meal with more personal space and or your personal entertainment devices. Once ready to sleep or for privacy purposes close your curtains extend your 180 degree fully flat bed, then kickback and relax.


Travelers traveling in Business Class, once arrived on board China Eastern Airlines 777, you will be greeted with a beautiful cabin, mood lighting to get you into the traveling mood, once arrived at your seats you will be greeted with side table lamps, adding that little touch of luxury to Business Class.  Business Class will accommodate a total of 52 travelers, seats are arrange in a 1-2-1 layout,  given travelers easy access to aisle, making it quick and easy for travelers to get in and out of their seats with out disturbance to others travelers. This layout also gives a little bit of privacy to Business Travelers, with the increased seats in Business Class you can bet that most travelers will love this.

China Eastern added an extra 10 seats to Business Class on board the 777-300ER, that’s 52 total seats that’s 10 more on what the airline currently offer today on flights to North American cities on the company Airbus A340-600 aircraft. China Eastern made the move to use the extra space on the Bieing 777 to focus more to Business Class travelers and also decreased the number of seats available in Economy. With the increase in frequency to New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, The airline figured that less is more, with efficiency of the Boeing 777 and the added frequency, the airline figured that 316 seats are perfect. The Triple Seven first route is New York we will see how it does to and from the world financial capital.


China Eastern travelers traveling on board the new Triple  Seven Economy Class, will feel a lot different then they did when they was flying aboard the company Airbus A340-600,  that’s because the seating arrangements are now 3-4-3  layout as compared to the A340-600s 2-4-2 layout, although travelers may feel a little cramp, because of the feeling of being bundle up/ stacked together, however what they will soon realized is that they are actually less travelers, traveling in Economy than before. China Eastern 777 Economy Class can accommodate 258 travelers that is 14 less seats, down from today’s A340-600 272 economy seatings service to North America.



Today many carriers doesn’t even think about offering passengers any real service meal, what they now look forward too is offering chips, water and soda at the rate of a half-a-chicken with fried rice at any New York (Manhattan) Chinese Food restaurants. Which isn’t fair to travelers, travling with young children’s. So if you every plan to travel with a children or young teens, remember to pack a bag of snacks.

Many airline however does offer good meal service on board flagship aircrafts and very important destinations. Take Emirates, Etihad and Delta for instance all 3 offers some of the best meal on board international First and Business Class, however Economy does often get left out of the great meals. So what should travelers expect when flying on board China Eastern Triple Seven?


Travelers traveling to any destination,  whether to New York or Vancover as long as your on China Eastern Airlines. What you should come to expect is a great meal service from the SkyTeam Airline, to go alone with brand new flagship signature products.

When you’re in First Class, no matter how you whine up their, whether bum up, are you pay your heard earn $8,000+ ticket, you should expect an experience of a 8 star restaurant especially on flight over 10 hours long to China or North America. Why we say this? simple the reason they are more Business Class seats and less Economy is because North America is become one of China Eastern Airlines major destination,  especially to New York,  Los Angeles and San Francisco. That’s exactly why you should expect something beyond 5 star


As many may think and speak negatively of the new logo and livery. The reason for that is simply because, China Eastern long 25 year old livery was one of the greatest airline liveries every created, it was what airplane liveries are ment be. Today we are stuck in a post 9/11 airline industry where so many airline focus more about making money than the art of operating an airline, with beautiful airplanes of all kinds.

I for one like the new livery of China Eastern Airline, and logo I feel that it is more fresh, modern and more appealing, it gives off a luxury feeling of Eastern products. The new logo is also more modern as well as more appealing, it now represents something and that’s everyone at China Eastern and it’s SkyTeam partners.

Regardless of what everyone thinks, China Eastern livery and logo was very dated. Just as how Americans Airlines Bare Metal livery was outdated, they both look dated next to other airlines aircraft. Eastern planes felt like a cheap airline, when you look at them, it makes you don’t want to fly on that airline, and am sure that’s what SkyTeam told the head masters at China Eastern.

At the same time of liking this new livery I also see why many hates it, we are in that world now that post 9/11, higher fuel cost, most airlines just doesn’t put livery as a priority anymore, as many aviation enthusiast and spotters may hate this, in reality it’s a simple fact. Euro-White is standard mondernizeing an airline livery. LCC are the ones creating amazing and unique livery now look at Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines.