[ FARNBOROUGH 2014] Airbus to Decide on A380neo by 2015

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK | Airbus will makes it decision on whether or not to build and produce a re-engine version of the Airbus A380 by the year 2015, The A380 dub the “Super Jumbo” currently the largest passenger jet in service, with 324 total orders as of June 2014 and 135 delivered to elite airlines like Lufthansa. Air France, Emirates; Singapore, British Airways, and Qantas, with other operates still waiting for delivery such as Etihad and Qatar Airways, who currently is having a big issues with their A380 over quality issues with the interior of their A380.
For month Emirates, who currently operates 50 of the A380 with over 90 more on order and is the aircraft’s most important customer, has been pushing more and more for many months for Airbus to look into re-engine the aircraft. Delta Air Lines has also been pushing for the A re-engine option of Airbus bestselling wide body the Airbus A330, Delta prayers was answered this past week at Farnborough Air Show in London, when Airbus Launch the A330neo (a re-engine option to the current A330 along with newer wings and the ability to fly even longer miles).
Aviation Week had a chance to speak too Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Customers John Leahy at the Farnborough Air Show. He spoke on the matter of the A380neo and its future

“Emirates keeps on pushing Airbus hard to launch the A380neo and Leahy says that “if he [Emirates President Tim Clark] wants it, we need to study it.” the article also stated “if Airbus was to do it, the aircraft would not arrive that soon. You would be looking at 2020 or so”

So maybe Airbus will answer Emirate prayers as well and build the A380neo by 2020.
The Article continued into a little more detailed on what Airbus is thinking and planning for the production of the A380neo if they follow along with the project

“Leahy says the internal studies will continue throughout the second half of 2014 and will focus on answering the question whether the additional sales possible with new engines will justify the investment and how many of the future orders Airbus could get without the re-engining exercise.”


Source: Aviation Week



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2014 Farnborough Air Show SMADE MEDIA Full Coverage


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