XL Airways France is getting ready for summer rush

Brooklyn, New York | XL Airways France, an airline operating out of Charles de Gaulle International Airport is preparing for the summer busy traveling season.

The airline is looking to lease Boeing 777 and Airbus A340 aircraft to help boost the airline during the busy season. XL will be leasing a Airbus A340-300 model, a damed leased from Portugal’s Hi Fly Airlines from early June to late September of this year. The French airlines plan to use the models on destination such as New York-JFK, Fort de France, Pointe a Pitre, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

The other aircraft XL Airways will be leasing a Boeing 777-200ER from Omni Air International, the agreement will be on a wet leased terms. XL plans to based the aircraft at John F Kennedy (JFK) international Airport and use it on routes from New York to Paris to Los Angeles to Paris to New York cycle. The Triple Seven dash 200ER will be leased from July to late September. XL Airways plans to use N927AX as a back up aircraft on all the routes.


Hi Fly A340-300 CS-TQZ Photo Gallery




 *Photographs owned by Hi Fly Airways


Hi Fly CS-TQZ: An Airbus A40-300 built in 1997 and devlivered to HI Fly in 2013, The airbus is curretly fitted with 12 flat bed seats in first class; 42 reclineable Business Class; and 213 in Economy Class.

HI FLY AIRBUS A340-300 CS_TQZ Omni Air International: N918AX a Boeing 777-200ER

N927AX to be used as backup


ABOUT XL Airways France

XL Airways France founded in 1995 as Star Europe operates a long haul and domestic service out of it’s based at Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, has flights to and from the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East with its fleet of Airbus A330 300/200 model and Boeing 737 NG aircraft.

Aircraft Total Orders Passengers
C Y Total
Airbus A330-200 3 0 21 343 364
Airbus A330-300 1 0 0 408 408
Boeing 737-800 3 0 0 189 189
Total 7 2

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