NY Jets Announce – Mark Sanchez out Michael Vick In

New York, NY – The New York Jets over the last 6 seasons has seen QB change more than we can count; From old veterans such as Brett Favre to Club vet Clement to young draftees; such as Mark Sanchez, who was draft in 2009, with The 5th pick in the first round and although reaching The American Football Conference (AFC) final in his first two years; has proven season after season that he’s just a plain below average QB and was replaced by another draftee designed to be Jets face and QB of the future. That QB was Geno Smith; who was unhappy about being drafted so late in the 2013 NFL draft!

Geno Smiths was also a talented College QB who was drafted and designed to become New York Jets QB of the future. During training camp he and Mark Sanchez was to fight for the position for the 2013 season; however Geno won the job by default and went 12-21 TD-INT with a passer rating of 66.5 with just as many terrible mistake as Mark Sanchez some costly and some terrible plays that turned into spectacular plays. Geno also made a few comebacks. However although this is his rookie year, we thought that Geno Smith just isn’t QB ready and to be a NY Athlete. New York better known as the media capital of the world and play host to some of the cruelest sports fans in the world; just ask the NYKnicks.

Today the New York Jets announce the signing of another Veteran QB ex Eagle known to injurers Michael Vick, with this news came the official release of the 4 year Jets QB Mark Sanchez who hasn’t seen any playing time since 2012 season due an injury he suffered during the 2013 per season; which gave Geno the automatic QB.

Michael Vick signed a 1 year 5 million contact; and will most likely be the backup QB for Geno Smith. Are we might just see Michael Vick make the start. This summer NFL off-season has seen jets went after a lot of key pieces like out mate Darrelle Revis, who they ended up losing to rivals New England Patriots. However with the addition of Michael Vick and Eric Decker; the NY Jets are finally focusing on the offensive side of the ball, which has been a reason for not making it to the Super Bowl those 2years when they Defense was on point.

What are your thoughts on the New York Jets off Season? and the signing of both Eric Decker and Michael Vick?

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