Production You Say?

We hear from our great friends over at Lexusenthusiasts that, the sexy, the beautiful, the gorgeous, the most beautiful gorgeous vehicle you will ever see in Blue or RED the Lexus LF-LC is heading for production and should be completed by the model year 2016. While no one is sure what is going to be under the hood, rumor are spreading that the LS 600H L and other LS engine will be under the hood since this vehicle will be an LS type Coupe. Hopeful it will be called LC (Luxury Coupe) and that it will keeps its gorgeous looks, because that is the only reason why its going into production is simple because the world fell in love with it.. The LF-LC was only meant to be a template for future Lexus vehicle such as the Just release IS and which was developed from the LF-CC which had elements of the LF-LC. I really do hope Lexus realized that they are working with a work of art and if they water it down too much this vehicle could be a waste of money.

I think Lexus has a winner here, and i also fell in love with the beauty of this vehicle from day one especially the spindle grille and the interior layout, i feel in love so much that i design so many Lexus cars from it; well in my head i think Lexus should explorer the the way the interior layout is the way it curve down at the bottom and then come up then have the top surface flat followed by a flat top where the 12.3′ navi screen is located at; the bottom flat could be well rapped with beautiful leather along and the front flat top with the navi screen could be wood or a splash of wood with leather or metal just like how the LF LC dashboard is at the moment. An other thing i think Lexus should make standard is the LF LC side mirrors because that’s a design that you wont find on any other vehicle along with the interior dash layout, but its something Lexus has to do before Hyundai gets there hands on it as they copy Lexus AUDI BMW and Mercedes Benz stealing there design placing it on there vehicle calling it original.

I honestly wish i was apart of Lexus design team; i wouldn’t change the design of vehicles i would just ask Lexus to focus on Luxury design and then with the F SPORT AND F Performance they work to make that luxury design more mean looking… I say this because luxury design captures everyone eyes no matter how deep their pocket is and then you will have the F SPORT to capture those who wants a mean looking vehicle and then you have the F both mean looking and full off luxury inside and out this is for people who wants it all.

The reason why i wish to work for Lexus is because i have so many ways to make there vehicle safer and better; from Lexi (Lexus Voice Commander; that i created) to the flushed door handles and the new amazing rear seat entertainment; many many more great ideas such as the new advanced Remote touch controller; Lexus come find me)

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