From one market to the another and as we watch what the world does with the LEXUS IS Marketing wise we jump to another country to see how they have market the 2014 LEXUS IS; check out this one from Europe


As we see so far it seems like the theme for marketing the IS is all about High Fashion and Luxury which is something that i can agree with.

Here are some words from the markers themselves. 

“The European campaign to promote the New Generation Lexus IS launches officially on 17 June (UK TV advertising begins 5 July) and will run across TV, print, digital channels and social media. However, can exclusively show you the lead 60-second TV short ahead of its official release.

Titled Poise, the brief for the advert was to demonstrate the IS’s superb driving dynamics and rigid body structure, while simultaneously appealing to a new and younger audience for the sports saloon.

In order to visualise this, Lexus Europe and advertising agency CHI & Partners partnered with the English National Ballet (ENB) and renowned choreographer Russell Maliphant to create a stunning comparison of the car’s dynamic qualities with the strength and control of a prima ballerina.

The dancer performing is none other than Tamara Rojo, Lead Principle Dancer and current Artistic Director of the ENB. Her precise routine is an incredible display of traditional poise, balance, strength and technique, but it is starkly juxtaposed with a trap hip-hop track called Step Up by Stephen Kozmeniuk.”

For the full details Check Out Lexus UK Blog:

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