Honda New Exciting H Design Language (POLLCITY)

Honda will be launching a new design language know as “EXCITING H DESIGN” that will be appearing on all of its vehicle starting with the latest Honda Fit; which, Honda will be releasing later this month in its home country of Japan. Honda stated that the design theme (design language) will be based on three(3) design elements know as: High Tech – High Tension – High Touch each elements representing different design Q’s for the Honda brand High Tech it represents the innovation spirit of Honda. High Tension representing the pursuit of beautiful body structure  and layout. High Touch representing a fine surface and textures.
Honda release two teaser image of the new design language as well as a press released.

Honda released a press release describing how each of those elements will be implied to different section of the vehicles such as the interior and the exterior!

Exterior design:
High Tech
Honda’s new design identity, “Solid Wing Face,” is adopted. While positioning the “H” mark in the center, the area from the front grill to the headlights will be designed in an advanced style as one uninterrupted flow.
High Tension
A well-toned body with beautiful proportion, “Athlete Form,” is realized.
High Touch
Honda strives to realize “Dramatic Surfacing,” well-elaborated form that provides an emotional attraction.
Interior design
High Tech
Honda pursues an easy-to-see/easy-to-use “Advanced Interface” by adopting advanced technologies.
High Tension
A sporty and emotional “Personal Cockpit” is realized.
High Touch
Honda expresses its “Craftsmanship” by creating thoughtful interiors with an emphasis on the texture of materials

its definitely will be very interesting  to see how Honda will imply these design structure into their major vehicles in the US market; vehicles like the second best selling car in America behind only the Toyota Camry the Honda Accord and there number one selling compact sedan the Honda Civic. It definitely is something that i am looking forward to see how the public will react.

2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Japanese Model (2) - SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
2015 Honda Fit Hybrid

The 2015 Honda Fit will not only be the first vehicle from Honda to wear the new “Exciting H Design Language”, it will also be the first Honda Fit to be manufactured in North America. Honda new Mexican plant that will be opening in the spring of next year will be home to the new Fit and many more Honda models to come. The factory is set to boost the Honda Fit production to more than 200,000 vehicles a year for the North American market, which if you know your math, government standard and the automotive industry, you know that it will save Honda a boat load of money to hopefully put into the Acura brand to help it beater compete with Lexus and Infiniti adding the Japanese Luxury division. OK! back to the Honda Fit, while the Japanese Automaker did not release any details about the Fit power train specs; we here from Autoblog and Automotive news that the Honda Fit will be mounted to a 1.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine and a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission; which sounds very impressive for that type of vehicle.  SMADEMEDIA is very excited for this vehicle and cant wait to see what the North American version will bring along with the new Exciting H Design styling.

for more information on the Honda Fit and the Honda new Exciting H Design Theme continue to follow us on your favorite social media site as well as our website. Also check out the press release below to learn more from Honda about the new H Design.


2015 Honda Fit Hybrid


Press Release
Honda Exciting H Design Press Release
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Teaser Photographys by Honda Japan
Honda Fit Photography by Honda

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