FINNAIR Showcase new A350 Cabin and new Routes

HELSINKI | Today A350XWB European launch customers and OneWorld carrier Finnair, showcase its new cabin design that will be featured on its upcoming flagship aircraft the Airbus A350XWB, set to be delivery in the second quarter of 2015. The Finnish flag carrier, held an event at the Finnair headquarters dispatching future plans.

Finnair has high hopes for its new A350 fleet, including an all-new premium economy, new long haul destinations to China, and the hopes that the A350 can reach Asia without flying over Russia due to Russia having plans to block their airspace to European carries. Finnair also has plans to use its fleet of A350 as a replacement aircraft for its current fleet of seven aging and non-profitable A340.

“The additional freight capacity of this airplane makes me think that it has the reach, that it’s technically possible,”

Finnair chief executive Pekka Vauramo said at Finnair press conference


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It’s no doubt that Finnair long haul future depend on its upcoming deliveries of A350, the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland currently has an order for 11 A350XWB all 11 frames are firm orders. The finnish flag carrier has 8 options, that most likely will be firm orders in the long run. Those 11 aircraft will be some of the most feature pack fitting A350 in the skies.

Finnair Business Class
Finnair Business Class

At the Finnish carrier event today, The OneWorld carrier showcase their new cabin design fitted with new seats, touch screen entertainment system, travelers on ultra long flights will love the cabin lighting system. The cabin will feature dynamic lighting, with a colour and atmosphere that matches the time, the destination and the season, helping travelers to feel better when they reach at their destinations.

Finnair will config their A350-900 in a three class layout, totaling 297 seats, which will be broken down between the 3 Class of Business Class; Economy Comfort and Economy.

  • Business Class – located at the front of the aircraft featuring 46 white/greyish seats configured in a 1-2-1 breast seating arrangement, Finnair small section business class has the ability to be converted into economy class if needed giving the carrier up 40-60 more seats.
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Comfort Class and Economy Seating
  • Economy Comfort – features Finnair all-new premium cabin class featuring 43 seats configured in a 9 breast layout, arrange 3-3-3 seating configuration {you call that premium}
  • Economy Class – Finnair economy class is not much of a difference from that of Economy Comfort, Economy is also configured in a 9 breast 3-3-3 layout, however without that extra legroom.
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Economy Comfort Press Shoot along with Finnair FA

Travelers riding in Economy Comfort, shouldn’t expect an Emirates, Qatar, Etihad type of premium economy class. Finnair travelers in premium economy class better known as Economy Comfort, will enjoy extra legroom, thanks to a 35 inch pitch seating position over the cramp 31 inch pitch position of Economy. Economy Comfort Class Travelers will also see more of that comfort with new headrest Finnair call the new HQ more comfortable that past headrest. High-End headphones and an amenity kit; should be expect in Comfort.   Economy Comfort Class will be launching at the end of this year however, launching Finnair current fleet of A340 and A330 aircraft on International routes.

“The price-point starts at €45 extra, so we think it is very affordable. We think if you are on a long-haul flight for 10 hours, it’s going to be very sellable.”

Finnair executive Allister Paterson told SMADE.

“There is a set of travellers that want a bit more leg-space but don’t want to pay that much,”


MSN 5758 FinnAir A321 First Flight
Finnair Airbus A321 (First A320 Family with Sharklet) Landing


Finnair has also book some very interesting new route to go with its new aircraft. Once the A350 has been delivered, Finnair has chosen Bangkok; Beijing and Shanghai as the launching long haul route for the European carrier.

Finnair is also launching ten new destination for the summer of 2015 right around the same time the Airbus A350XWB is expected to be delivered. The ten new destination are in partnership with Suntours and other tour companies. Those 10 destinations includes:

Paphos, Cyprus March 31
Palma de Mallorca, Spain April 11
Dalaman, Turkey April 12
Heraklion, Crete (Greece) April 17
Chania, Crete (Greece) April 18
Rhodes, Greece April 19
Catania, Sicily (Italy) May 6
Kos, Greece May 9
Naples, Italy May 28
Innsbruck, Austria June 14
  • Both Finnair and Suntours customers will be able to earn miles as points towards their frequent flyer miles.
  • To match customer preferences Finnair will fly less often to Antalya in Turkey and will instead add more flights to Alanya (Gazipasa) in summer 2015.
  • All flights are from Finnair HUB at HELSINKI Airport

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Finnair Airbus A350XWB Cabin




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