Toyota Celebrate 10 Million in Camry Sales

Today the boys from Japan’s most valued auto brand Toyota celebrated their 10 million in sales of their most precious vehicle in the USA the Toyota Camry. The Camry nameplate was first introduce in 1983 where its sold went on to sale more than 52 thousand vehicle (52,651) where Toyota stated that 773 of those vehicles are still on the road today. The 10 million sales come in the Camry 30 years of operation.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Camry’s 10 millionth sale in the U.S.,” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. “With the support of so many loyal customers, Camry has truly become part of the country’s fiber. For seven generations, Toyota dealers have also been instrumental in getting Americans behind the wheel of a Camry. Camry is definitely helping Toyota Go Places.”

Camry went on to become Americas best selling vehicle for its 11 consecutive year (2012).

Camry Over the Years

1983 Toyota Camry Commercial 

check out the Press Release from Toyota below for more information on this 10 million sales.

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