BMW i3 Makes it’s Worldwide Debut

The 2014 BMW i3 made it worldwide debut over the weekend; this brand new electric vehicle is a first from BMW and features lots of interesting things both design and tech wise. The vehicle is very identical to its concept – which made a worldwide tour and here in New York i went to downtown NYC to take a good look at it as well as her older brother the i8; the design is very innovative (for the BMW Brand – it’s a design that’s has a little bit of BMW current design language but it comes together with the addition of the i3 own unique design) we also find the design to be very sleek; the i3 feature a very coupe like design; with a 2 front doors that follows by 2 smaller rear doors that’s only opens from the inside once a front door is open; this design is very similar to the Mazda RX8 and Toyota FJ Cruiser.  With the release of this vehicle we here at SMADE MEDIA is wondering how far away is the i8 from being ready to go on sale.

  • See the SMADE MEDIA BMW i3 Press Release to learn all you need to know straight from BMW itself and be sure to checkout our intensive Photograph of BMW’s brand new Segment the i3.
  • The i3 is set to go on sale the second half of 2014 with a $41,350 price tag as the starting price and that’s without the Destination & Handling fee which is currently $925!



BMW i3 Sketches

BMW i3 Interior & Exterior Design

BMW Electric



BMW i3 Press Release

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Photography – BMW


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