2013 BMW X1 (POLL)

The BMW X1 has been a sales force for BMW in Europe; The small CUV market it on a tear for the luxury market industry forcing Lexus to make a new CUV that sit behind the RX, and also Mercedes Benz to follow pursuit with the upcoming GLA. Mercedes and Audi also starting a new luxury segment that sits behind their current Entry-Level segment, something we written about be for, Mercedes Benz came out with the CLA and Audi followed at this years New York Auto Show with an A3 Sedan, an BMW is just around the corner with the their 2 series sedan. They all hope that this segment will jump off as much as the small CUV market has jump off so much.

Back to the X1; this vehicle went i first saw pictures of it i thought this vehicle was one of the most ugliest thing on the face of this planet. I hated the way the BMW Kidney grille just sits there and the headlights; i just didn’t think the whole front area was flowing with the rest of the vehicle, just didn’t see it, but the other way i was driving down the street and i saw it for the first time an i was like wow! and paused for 5 seconds, i simple just couldn’t believe that this was the BMW X1; i thought to myself i can see why people buy this vehicle, i mean most people do buy vehicles for its badges and name. However i can honestly say that this vehicle was defiantly a beauty; all the lines that i once thought just didn’t flow i completely changed my mind.

As a photography website this made me think, of the way photos are being taken out their; i came question myself
is it that some cars just cant be photographs no matter what; are the photographer just couldn’t capture the beauty and elegance of this vehicle? I want to know what the you guys think on this matter please leave your comments and reactions and also how do you guys view the BMW X1 photo wise.

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