[2013 Frankfurt Auto Show] – 2014 Ducati Superbike 899 Panigale

Well i don’t think anyone in this world thought that Ducati wouldn’t show up at this years Frankfurt Auto Show without something amazing right! as it seems like the Auto Show brings out the best out of the Germany Manufacturers to create amazing concept and unveil amazing cars in their home field and that just exactly what Ducati did, which was recently bought by Audi not so long ago; unveiled their Superbike today and for our motorcycles enthusiasts out there we know that Ducati has a winner on their hands. The Superbike 899 Panigale features LED lighten (i mean come on it is own by Audi) A brand new black and white instrument LCD panel that displays many things such as a 0-12,000 RPM indicator;  Ducati ride modes “SPORTS,  WET, and RACE. Which are position left of the vehicles speed value; The LCD Panel also features a tag to give accurate lap times GPS. The bike just doesn’t look good but also offers many great systems such a Bosch Braking System with a 3 Level ABS and a great fully adjustable Sachs rear suspension insuring that you will be riding hard because of the smoothness of the bike so those Bosch Brembo braking system will come in very handy! 2014 Ducati 899 Panigale (5) SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria
The Ducati Superbike 899 Panigale is truly a flashship bike for Ducati; offering so many great new innovations and new electronics technology right at your finger tips. Their new transmission adopts the gearbox of the 1199 expending on its already great technology and improving even more; with the new amazing suspension; Bosch Brembo braking system and the new updated transmission you know Ducati would be offering all those amazing innovation technology on an just as amazing chassis; well you got that right and here is how Ducati has to say about the 899 chassis and engines:

The 899 Panigale’s chassis continues Ducati’s innovative and courageous step forward in motorcycle
design, merging multiple parts into one compact and lightweight component, while re-evaluating rider posture with a revised ergonomic triangle. The extremely compact monocoque construction integrates the airbox to become one of the key elements in reducing the overall dry weight to an impressive of 169kg (372.5lb).
Using the Superquadro engine as a stressed member of the chassis, the short and strong aluminium
monocoque is die-cast in aluminium and attaches to the cylinder heads protruding forward to house the steering head bearings and forming the airbox. Continuing the concept of component minimisation, the airbox is capped-off and sealed by the underside of the 17 litre (4.5 US gallon) steel fuel tank.
The 899 Superquadro
Ducati’s latest power-plant, the 899 Superquadro, represents another major step forward in twin-cylinder design and technology, generating superb Ducati performance with super smooth power delivery. Providing 148hp (109kW) @ 10,750rpm and 10kgm (73lb-ft) @ 9,000rpm, the new engine achieves a perfect balance of drive and fluidity using a bore and stroke of 100mm x 57.2mm (3.93in x 2.25in). The Desmodromic, 90° Ltwin inherits the 1199’s structural design to enable full integration with the monocoque chassis while boasting an ownership-friendly 24,000km (15,000 miles) between major services.

2014 Ducati 899 Panigale (2) SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria

Overall this Superbike is just amazing there is so many  more things to cover on this bike that’s how amazing innovated it is; Technology like the Panigale Technology offer’s the rider a very pleased experience  and i hope Ducati would someday offer us a test run. Be sure to read the Press Release below especially if your a bike enthuists and even if you arnt still read it learn about many more awesome tech in this Ducati superbike just like in Audis Sports Cars..



Press Release
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Photo by Ducati
Videos by Ducati YouTube channel

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