New Gallery of the sexy 2014 Lexus IS Family; Hoping i can get an opportunity to review this automobile as all the reviews are coming really impressive. Reviews like motor trend, Lexus enthusiasts, has come back overwhelmed with the handle and performance of this car, leaving me to be come very jealous.   Lexus has been on a tear lately designing bold state of the art vehicle that is very stylist and sporty.. In the Luxury depart most vehicle from other brand just look exactly the same and just offers small medium and large design as we see in the latest Audi models A3 looking exactly like an A4 while that’s looking exactly like an A6 an that’s looking like an A8, and the same can be said with the Q family in Audi lineup. Mercedes Benz and BMW also fall under these category;  although these cars a very sporty they are lacking in the design department… I don’t want to be driving around  in an Audi A8 an (expensive A8 that is!) and then while at a RED LIGHT an A3 sedan pop up and look at me like a fool. Lexus has taken lots of heat and criticism over the pass years about making cars boring to drive and paying attention to luxury and comfort rather than sporty,(which is a stupid thing to complain about in my mind) also along with making boring looking cars. Lexus has since came a very long way, now with more sporty cars than Audi or even BMW and Mercedes Benz, the new criticism Lexus faces, not having enough Horsepower on its F Sport Models. The Lexus IS 350 base uses a 3.5 V6 that produces 306 Horsepower BMW 330i produces 300 Horsepower. i think Lexus has always done a great job with its vehicles over the years, i just think people has always had a problem with Japaneses brand in general regardless, before the earthquake that whip out a lot of Japan; At that time Lexus was the number one Luxury manufactures for 11 years in a row in the US, since the earthquake Lexus and many other Japaneses business took a big hit, many of its factories was destroyed, and since then Lexus lost its number one spot. From then on Lexus has switch to being more sporty and coming back with a new image to defined itself, while still carrying its wonderful luxury image Lexus added the sport in sporty to its vehicles. Although its working out for Lexus they hadn’t got back to the number one spot as yet as the production rate has still not gotten back to full force.

What i have been observing over the pass years is that; Lexus competition like BMW and Mercedes are starting to be like the old Lexus and adobting its once moto of focusing more on the Luxury side than the sporty side and in the sales department you can see it working. Lexus deserve some prasie for what the have accomplish sporty wise over the years from the CT F SPORT to the SOLD OUT LFA ..

The Lexus IS goes on sale this June



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