A New Windows is on its way, WINDOWS 10, Find out what’s in Store so far!


Wednesday, October 1st 

latest update: January 28th, 2018

Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10; their brand new operating system, not Windows 9 but rather Windows 10. The name was chosen, according to Microsoft because Windows 9 didn’t feel right, so they then look to Window One to sync it with the naming scheme, OneDrive, OneNote, Xbox One, etc, however, Windows One happened long ago. So according to Microsoft, the right name to choose was simply Windows 10. If you ask me, it has a better ring to it than say Windows 9.

Base on looks wise many may think; Windows 10, is a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8 put together to make Windows 10. The new start menu also features your picture at the top just like old days. But Windows 10 is much more than that, yes Windows 7 users will feel at home, and so will Windows 8 users.


Windows 10 features the beauty and brains of Windows 8, with the DNA of Windows 7. Windows 7 like features are available in Windows 10. For many, who just didn’t want to switch up to the touch base of Windows 8, because many, users are too confused by Windows 8, therefore, making users stay put at Windows 7. So in order for Microsoft to get Windows 7 users to upgrade, they bring the core of legacy Windows to Windows 10. You now get that core Win 32 feel, with the Desktop, the start menu, from Windows 7 and past Windows OS, with a mixture of Windows 8.

The new modern UI apps are now the main apps UI. On the new desktop, Modern UI apps, works just like legacy apps, you can snap windows side by side, minimized, maximized and close apps just like the old days, with (- [] x ). You can use the modern app right there on the Desktop without having to switch back and forth between Desktop and full-screen modern UI. This gives us the ability to use apps efficiently, work better, and quicker.

For the Windows 8 users, that made the upgrade, and love Windows 8, Microsoft wants you to know Windows 10 has Windows 8 a lot more of Windows 8 than you think. Windows 10, don’t just brings you that modern UI feel, with applications. You still get your flat beautiful tile look. You now can pin your square tiles on the new start menu at the side, which you can change to make it wider, shorter, or taller. The beauty of the modern UI mix with the functionality and ability to work of Windows 7 brings you a brand new OS of both beauty and brains, that current Windows 8 users and Windows 7 user will love. But what many won’t realize until use is, Windows 10 is a diverse OS it works great with touch and with a mouse.


How does Windows 10 works, Windows, as we know, will never work like iOS or Android, why you think Google had such a hard time getting Android on tablets, and why the had to go ahead and rebuild Android and then launch a brand new operating system for desktops and Laptops with Chromium known to the public as Chromebooks. It will never work like those too OS simply because those were created for small portable devices. But the fact that Windows 10 is so diverse it’s able to work on every form of devices.

Windows is bigger that than, iOS and Android, yes those tables and phones are taken over PC and Macs but at the end of the day we need desktop and Laptop together our work done perfectly. So Windows 10 was created to be not just your iOS or Android but your iOS, Android and Desktop Computer. Windows 10 was created for that purposely to easily switch from Tablet mode to Desktop mode without switching UI or lose anything you were doing before. How? Simply connect your keyboard and it will switch to Desktop Mode and disconnect your keyboard for tablet mode. Sounds a little hectic right?

You might ask what is the difference, between both modes, well with Desktop mode once you connect your Keyboard (think of the Microsoft surface) you’re basically working from the desktop with the new start menu, and everything Windows 7, with the desktop mode you get an easier way to navigate with your mouse. You can still touch but mouse becomes easier to use your navigation throughout the system becomes more like windows 7.

Tablet mode now, disconnect your keyboard, you’re now in tablet mode all the features available on desktop mode are still available within tablet mode like I said nothing really changes the biggest difference with Tablet mode the system is optimized for the touch experience. However once in tablet mode, you Slide Up for all applications; from the start screen. This is called a continuum. Windows 10 was created to use on all platforms, that’s why there will be an AppStore (Microsoft App Store) for all Microsoft hardware App Store you buy apps, music, even X-Box One games, and movies. No matter the device you use you’re getting the same experience only the UI is specially adapted for that certain device because a tablet doesn’t work like a desktop. You use it differently.

  • 4.0″ – 6.0″inch screen mobile phone, will use a Windows 10 OS, but the feel of the UI might feel differently because you want you mobile to work it’s able to work with touch perfectly, the UI experience will be more like Windows 8/Windows Phone Modern UI, however, the feel will remain the same even on the desktop.
  • 7.0 – 13.0″ inch tablets will bring the same experience as the mobile phone and desktop, the UI experience the same, yes some device may have certain features that won’t be available on devices, like a back camera on a desktop or laptop computer without keyboard removal.


We use the word love because most of what we have seen in Windows 10 so far is the right direction for Microsoft. The idea is there, What we Love the most so far is the bright idea of having one store to buy everything the Windows App Store is the rumored name. One App Store to buy X-Box, Mobile Phone Apps (Windows Phone Apps), desktop apps, and Music and Video all available in the Windows App Store to purchase.

Another thing we love is the new task view, it gives you the ability to view different applications you have running, you can switch between desktop, which is something we like, The ability to have more than one desktop, in Windows 10 you can have multiple desktops, what does that means, you can have applications like games open on this desktop then switch over to your homework desktop when your mother is coming, or if your buying something for Ana special someone you can look at apps or the web when se coming switch over to a different desktop and do something else.

We also like the fact that Windows is both touch and mouse friendly, we don’t have to struggle on the desktop trying to touch these small icons, whether tablet or desktop the UI just doesn’t change. The fact that windows recognized how to switch better User-Friendly UI. We like that Microsoft is thinking about everyone still trying to innovate rather than follow. We see great stuff in Windows 10. There are many great things to like about this new operating system the Windows App Store, Task View, ability to have more than one desktop, touch, and mouse friendly. With all the things we have seen which weren’t a lot, Windows 10 is the XP and 7 of Windows for Microsoft.

Most people will probably like it, I don’t know how I feel about the new Windows 7 like Start Menu, it looks out-of-place like it belongs right where it is coming from, maybe it should have just stayed there. We wish Microsoft look for a new way to imply that Start Menu, The idea is there but the design just doesn’t fit into modern UI. Microsoft didn’t go over everything but most of what we see we think it’s a perfect OS.

Microsoft states that this is an early build, the demo seems like a full OS, however, you can tell that the UI needs a little cleaning up especially the new Windows 7 like the start menu. Overall throughout the presentation I really start to understand the OS more, I see it was more than just Windows 7 and Windows 8 baby. It’s more of them stepping into a time machine and come back out with their DNA mix together, the best of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8. It’s a beautiful operating system, this is what the public wanted as Microsoft tried to get it in with the update of Windows 8.1 but at some point just decided to just start from scratch.

You and I known what Windows 10, means to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 is less than 4 years old. It’s a little painful to use, because of the confusing factors. However, Microsoft is building an OS for people, not for Windows 7 users or Windows 8, but what we have seen so far in the early build is on the right track, the new features, the concept is on the right track, the Desktop UI and File Explorer (No Windows Explorer anymore, thank god!) needs to be a little bit more modern and we still think Microsoft can make this happens. This old legacy looks is what’s going to bring down Windows 10. Let’s bring them it into the 20th Century. We understand it’s early but we hope that something that gets the address before release. We can’t wait to see what else Microsoft has in store for Windows 10, we can’t wait to try out Internet Explorer 12, Music and Video Apps along with the new App Store.



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