Toyota iROAD (VIDEO)

Something that could change the world; the Toyota iROAD; A 3-Wheeler Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) that doesn’t send no power to the rear wheels. The Electric Vehicle measuring 33.5 inches wide, 56.9 inches in height and 92.5 inches in length. This vehicle is not only innovative its a game changer that can change the world especially in large cities and third world countries(not a term i like to used or hear) in cities like NY one of the worlds most busiest cities, this vehicle can ease traffic and for third world countries people can use this electric vehicle to get around due to the cost and expensive operation. I can also she this replacing the electric scooters and replace delivery vehicles i honestly think Toyota has a win-win on its hand right here it this vehicle is place into operation; something i here would be very likely!


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