Last year New York had a competition for automakers; that competition was who can developed a New York Taxi know as the TAXI of TOMORROW” to replace the aging FORD CROWN VICTORIA). Many manufactures entered but only one came out on top, that one was the Nissan NV200. That’s also being used in London. Many people wasn’t happy with this selection, many complain that it wasn’t an american brand(SOMETHING I AGREED WITH); some complained about that lack of wheelchair access to these cabs(SOMETHING VERY RELEVANT BECAUSE THESE CABS WAS GOING TO TAKE OVER NEW YORK, THEY WOULD BECOME THE ONLY TYPE OF YELLOW CABS IN THE CITY). Well once Nissan heard those complains about what the public taught about the NV200 being our(NEW YORK) main cab, They went out a found a company called “BraunAbility” who is the number one company at providing vehicles with wheelchair-accessible and what they came up with is, a NV200 with a big ramp in the back of it check it out.

Something i also wasn’t happy with, was the opportunity to make new York standout from the world the NV200 is just a normal vehicle some of the other vehicle offered up was cars that would only be made to be the New York taxi cab. As a New Yorker myself and as the world knows the Statue of Liberty aren’t just the face of New York but also the yellow taxi cabs are just as important as the Empire State building and the Lady Liberty. An the Vehicle that’s chosen shouldn’t be the same vehicle that chosen in London or the same vehicle that is used to haul around crap, It should be something special and it should have been American made. I am very disappointed in the beautiful City of New York.

after seeing the photos i want to know
what do you guys think of the NV200 being
choosen as the New York Taxi cabs? Along
with what do you guys think about the work
BraunnAbility and Nissan has done to provide
New Yorkers with a Wheelchair-accessible
vehicle? Please leave you feedback in the
comment section below!

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