Golden State Warriors new short sleeve Black Slate Alternate Jersey


Golden State Warriors unveiled their new Short Sleeve Black Slate Alternate Jersey or uniforms design by Adidas. The new Slate Alternate Jersey was unveiled last night on Twitter, by Golden State Warriors and Forward, Harrison Barnes, who wears the number 40. The unveiling was taken place at the Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco, at an event known as the “First-Of-its-Kind Social Influencer Event”.

The first appearance of the new Slate Black Jersey will be November 15, when the Warriors take on Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets. Warriors plan to wear the new alternate jersey on Saturday only throughout the 2014-2015 NBA season; which is shaping up to be a great one, especially in the Eastern Conference.

The new alternate jersey, which is design by Adidas, the German sportswear company, features a new color for the NBA, Slate, which will be added to the Warriors new identity for the upcoming season, like it or not, however, the Warriors did not plan to use it after. If you don’t like it.

What is Slate, you might ask?
Slate is, not only representing technology and innovation synonymous with the Bay Area but also the body armor used for the team on the court. That’s what Slate means to the Warriors. Which to us means nothing but another gimmick to sell people stuff.

“The First-Of-its-Kind Social Influencer Event” was attended by many media outlets, who were all invited by Golden State, in hopes that they would influence the jersey all over social media and their blogs, Which is how Golden State came up with the event name. However, it was backfired as, many blogs and social sites took aim at the jersey, referring to it as a black garbage bag, many others took aim at the sleeves, along with many tweets and comments like that across Twitter and other social sites. We do like the jersey, and the fact that Warriors always tries to switch it up, they are the one who first wore the short sleeve look, which the NBA took upon and wore last Christmas NBA games. It’s a look that I love a lot.

Here is what Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts, had to say about the event and the jersey

“We have the best fans in the NBA, and with Twitter and other social media giants being headquartered in our backyard, it made sense for us to allow the power of Twitter and social media, along with our fans, to tell the story of our latest alternate uniform,” said  “As an organization, we are always striving to be at the forefront of innovation and constantly looking for original and unique ways to engage our tremendous community and fan base.”


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