The Smade Journal Golden Bow is a community, where we read, write, and share. In a time when we all need to stop and listen to each other and genuinely work to cure this world of hate, media bias, censorship, and so many other issues.

Issues should not divide us. It should be an excuse to come together as one, regardless of your background, skin type, wealth, or sex life. We can all agree to disagree and respects one’s life choice and opinion so we can do our part to help cure hate out of this world.

These issues, such as hate, police brutality, do not belong in the year 2020 and only keep our country from true greatness. The Smade Journal Golden Bow is a growing platform community for all to express themselves, their feelings, and then we all can agree to disagree but discuss an offer the right support that is needed

How do we discuss sensitive topics? You might ask; we discuss them by listening to one’s point of view, one pain, one’s anger frustration, and even one’s happiness. Then we respond by being honest, respectful, and come up with ways you can help.

Whatever solution is, always be considerate and respectful. If you are doing it as a group, do it together as one have the right mindset and do it as one, history shows we thrive as a country when we come together.

Enthusiast At Work

The Smade Journal lives by an oath enthusiast focus worldwide dedicated. We are enthusiasts; first, journalists second, we thrive for a better world, with unbiased information.

As an enthusiast, we created this community to give a voice to the voiceless. We love what we do and want to provide the right information, to bring, news, and reviews be honest and informative—allowing us to not only raise our voices but to do so and bring actual change.

Born to Create

We work hard to provide masterpiece after masterpiece that delivers a one of a kind multimedia informative piece and builds upon our community. A community to call home, to write, read about, a community where we all are Picasso, masters of our craft. Whether experienced or inexperienced, working together as one as a team provides only rich content. That’s why The Smade Journal was born. Born to tell stories, to report, to create, and educate. We were born for the storytellers, the photographers, directors that tell their story through their camera lens and, most notably, the readers.