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THE SMADE JOURNAL (TSJ) – The New York-born, New York mind one of a kind social media publication dedicated to all who love, celebrate, and respect facts first. Our writers, journalists, creators, professionals, freelancers, or amateurs. The Smade Journal was designed to stand apart and bring the past, the present, and the future together to have proper communications, discussion and call each situation the way it happens.

 Found in 2010 by O’Keeve Foster. THE SMADE JOURNAL is an enthusiast built social media community and publication that put love, enthusiasm, and passion at the heart of everything done at SMADE MEDIA. THE SMADE JOURNAL helps generates ideas, tell stories, and offer a platform to create a one of a kind social media publication that looks to report on facts first and always. Here at THE SMADE JOURNAL, being the first or second to tell a story doesn’t mean much. Being a Democrat or Republican, Black or White, Gay, or Straight shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t be an excuse to clouds judgment or hides the facts to please someone else. Facts first, everything else second. All stories, no matter the size, public interest, or national coverage, will always be treated with importance and respect…It shall be our statement for our coat of arms.

Being a social media community, THE SMADE JOURNAL provides readers the opportunity to get their point of view/opinions across in ways no reader follower has even been able to do before. Readers can now participate at a border scale, transforming into storytellers, creators, producers, and directors straight on site.

THE SMADE JOURNAL users; can now create groups base on tastes, likings, or start topics to have conversations to ask questions and bring awareness to sensitive issues to start the narratives to get answers. It is important to remember that user profile blog postings, group discussions, and comments are views and opinions that belong to the content’s author. In no way, shape or form represents the beliefs or thoughts of SMADE MEDIA. We don’t choose a side; we report the facts first and always. Think of The Smade Journal as the first and official Social Media News Publication.



is the governing body for our writers, developers, artists, photographers, reporters, and journalists. SMCA provides the space needed to work together to deliver one-of-kind publications. Our team of enthusiasts is committed to the art form of their craft. Our enthusiast’s mind gives us the opportunity to provide in-depth information on reviews and breaking news articles. Making it easy for readers to find information quickly. THE SMADE JOURNAL, as a whole, is built by millions of tiny pieces. These are some of those small pieces



The heart and soul of our publication. It contains millions of voices that want to be heard. The Smade community – is a city filled with experts, amateurs, people worldwide offering up their opinions. The community is where readers and viewers speak their minds on millions of products and topics.  We created this community for everyone, engineers, scientists, critics, racecar drivers, and many other professions, all communicating with their in-depth coverage on every product, service, venue, and food. Amateur,  everyday normal people also offer up their experience with a product. Regardless of what you want but don’t know or have questions jump over to The Smade Journal Golden Review section.



The Smade Journal Editorial section. It offers the community a bigger stage a louder room to stand up and speak on a matter of theirs. Page 25 Editorial articles take on the week’s exciting topics and reports from the community or our journalist and place them on a border stage. Our authors/writers/reporters/ vote on articles that popped and were put on the web site’s front page each week. These are all well-written pieces on what’s bothering them or what they want to talk about. This is a great way always to get something off your chest and open up a well-needed discussion (conversation) on the most important topics or even the small ones. That is what’s excellent about Page 25. Another thing is, anyone can submit a written article via published@smademedia.com that can be posted to the site. (if deemed acceptable by our moderators)



The one-stop-shop for all reviews written on The Smade Journal and The Smade Journal Community. Here you will find the latest reviews on products and services, companies, big or small. Here we will debunk product information together as one. Find the latest reviews and product information using our review platform, aka word of mouth. You can also find offers, coupon codes, and other shopping information. THE GOLDEN BOW REVIEW is the place to obtain expert reviews from automotive, technology devices, and software, restaurants, venues. THE GOLDEN REVIEW rates and rank movies, tv shows, devices by information found within the community.



ties everything found within our walls together and hands out awards for outstanding products and services all going by the past year. The awards nominations are released on the First (1st) of December, where everyone can cast their vote using The Smade Journal Voting System and through Twitter and Facebook. The voting will end on the 22nd of December each year. While the award ceremony will be held on the first of January each year. This award ceremony is to honor prestigious excellence and recognize excellence in innovation, heartfelt, soulful, and customer services.



The multimedia heart and soul of THE SMADE JOURNAL. Smade Images is broken down into three different section



Is the definition of photographers and Photo Galleria of THE SMADE – from high-end fashion photoshoots to classic and modern car photo collections?  Product review shoots. This is the Getty Image of THE SMADE. Readers viewers can share images with their friends on their favorite social networking sites. These images are owned by Smade Media and are free to share with community members. (!) Members can identify Smade Photography Images by The Smade Photography Seal watermark.



features a ray of videos, from how-to guides to smade miniseries, like weekly/daily sports highlights and live events and events replay,  all in hi-definition 1080p or 4K quality. This content is available 24/7 on THE SMADE JOURNAL and our YouTube Channel or at http://www.thesmade.video Miniseries like Smade Sports Tonight; Which brings nightly highlights from around the world of sports. Automotive Speed, where our host breaks down the automotive industry and pushing cars to the limits. Live coverage from the auto show around the world. Video-Gamming events; and Sports Watch Party; where hyper fans come out to watch their favorite team. Those are just a sample of what’s coming to them (The Smade Video Network)

Together with videos and live content covering live events worldwide, all these shows come together to bring you a great place to spend your days or to kill time. All content is always available 24/7/36(5) on YouTube and THESMADE.COM. Live coverage broadcast on YouTube, Livestream, and The Smade Journal Network.


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