Dreamliner! A Dream for Airlines Livery’s Around the World

BRONX | AUG 15 | Many people all over the world rave about the Dreamliner interior, from the new electronics windows to the fresh air feeling, the Dreamliner is an definitely a Dream to fly but, its also a dream to look at, has anyone ever stop and look at the exterior.

The Dreamliner is certainly one beautiful bird, and so far every livery that has appeared on the Dreamliner makes the aircraft looks even better, but even more better, the Dreamliner make those livery standout in a special way. It’s like how celebrities wear the same designer dress but only some makes that dress standout. That only some is the Dreamliner.

Avianca Dreamliner First Picture
Avianca Dreamliner First Picture

Yesterday Avianca first Dreamliner surface but that aircraft and Avianca livery is a match made in heaven. The red and white hugs each curve of the aircraft bringing out the beauty of both the aircraft and Avianca new livery. What are some of the other liveries that standout on the Dreamliner.


Air Canada Dreamliner
Air Canada Dreamliner at Tokyo Narita

Air Canada probably has one of most unique livery of all airline, the person who came up with it should be proud of themselves. Although it’s a livery that fit almost every aircraft type once placed on the Dreamliner the livery took over feeling and looking more modern than on any aircraft in Air Canada fleet including the 777.


Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliner, Taxi Test
Xiamen Airlines 787 Dreamliner, Taxi Test

Xiamen Airlines 787 is also another example of beautiful livery that didn’t standout as much as it did before the Dreamliner, this livery is also a new livery seen on Xiamen fleet of 737 aircrafts but I know many people that doesn’t even realize certain livery and both Xiamen old and new livery fallen under that category. Sad but true. The Dreamliner is able to wear the new livery and make it stand far apart from the other aircrafts in its fleet.

Hate it or love it the Dreamliner is an awesome aircraft to both look at and fly in it helps you to feel better  On longer flights. It’s an amazing work of art that’s why most airlines sees the need to place special  livery on this beautiful bird.


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