[TMC 24|7] TMG CS-R3 Rally Car

TMC 24|7 | SMADE MEDIA | BRONX, NEW YORK | AUG 13th | TMG GmbH a division of Toyota, that focus more on performance and Toyota racing, has done another great job of modifying a Scion FR-S (Toyota GT 86, Subaru BRZ). This time the project is to create the ultimate rallying and drifting car.

The TMG CS-R3 is just that a rallying coupe that handles and drive 5 times better than its beautifully done body work. The body work is build out of steel monocoque body-shells and fitted with a 6-speed gearbox to an FA20 engine and 75ltr FT3 fuel cell the boxer is capable of pushing out up to 250 horsepower, to form the” little rally-er that could.”

The 250 horsepower is just about enough to give drifters across the world great performance and a great balance of speed and stability because of the boxer type layout that CS-R3 features.

Full Specs and Information | powered by SISC

SISC | TMG GT86 CS-R3 Technical Specifications
Type FA20
Layout Boxer, flat four
Displacement 1998cc
Max. power 240-250hp
Exhaust HJS racing exhaust + exhaust manifold
Fuel cell 75ltr FT3 safety cell
Bodywork Steel monocoque bodyshell and roof ventilation
Roll cage         Homologated R3 safety cage
Type Rear wheel drive
Gearbox 6-speed sequential
Differential Limited slip differential with variable ramp settings
Final drive Short final drive, options available
Clutch Racing clutch and light-weight flywheel
Steering JTEKT hydraulic power steering with short ratio
Type Front: MacPherson type Rear: double wishbone
Shock absorber Tarmac: Reiger, three-way adjustable Gravel: Reiger, three-way adjustable
Stabilizer Several options
Rims Tarmac: OZ 7” x 17” Gravel: OZ 6” x 15”
Front disc Tarmac: 330mm x 30mm Gravel: 300mm x 30mm
Rear Tarmac: 300mm x 10mm Gravel: 300mm x 10mm
Calliper Front: Four-Pot Rear: Two-Pot (by regulation)
Overall length Length: 4240mm Width: 1775mm Wheelbase: 2570mm
Minimum car weight 1080kg (by regulation)


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