[SPIED] 2016 Nissan Maxima Prototype Cameout to Play

SMADE NEW YORK | The Next Generation Nissan Maxima was spotted over the weekend testing  in a heavily disgusted livery; The All New Maxima is set to launch next year, as a 2016 model. The design will heavily resembles Nissan Sports Sedan Concept car first debut at 2014 North American International Auto Show.  Just like Nissan current flagship SUV, 2016 Murano , a very beautiful, revolutionary design that captures elegance; The Murano design was inspired and built off the Resonance Concept, The Murano design features more than 95% of the elements on the Resonance Concept . We expect the new Maxima to follow in the Murano and Resonance Concept footsteps, and feature most of the design elements featured on both the Sport Sedan Concept and few elements from 2016 Murano. Including what Nissan calls the floating roof design of the rear D pillar, but resembles more to the Sports Sedan Concept. A good look at the Maxima prototype you can already see the DRL, so we expect the headlights and taillights design from the Murano, Sports Sedan Concept and the latest Nissan concepts.



Nissan new latest front end design, features an Audi, Hyundai, Ford, grille like outline with a chrome V in the middle finished off by a mesh design top off with a the Nissan badge and Nissan backwards L hook DRLs: The grille is making its way across Nissan production line moving away from its concept state. The front end first seen on Nissan latest concept cars, is now featured on the latest Rouge and the All-New Murano. The Prototype Maxima front end features the same DRLs similar to the Sport Sedan Concept and The Murano. The headlights however are very hard to make out, but base on the of the Sport Sedan Concept, The Rouge and Murano, we expect the Maxima front end will features the headlights; grille and DRLs design similar to that on Nisan Sport Sedan Concept car and the Murano.


Nissan Maxima Tester Front End | SMADE MEDIA
Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Front End | SMADE MEDIA



The side profile of the prototype Maxima doesn’t resembles  the Sports Sedan Concept to an extensive degree, but features the swirly body lines from the Sport Sedan Concept and has also appeared on The All-New Murano; and the current generation Altima; which is about 2 years old. The overall flow of the Sport Sedan Concept screams a 4-door Nissan GT-R; element like the black out A pillars and the fast back design gives of the GT-R look. The featured floating roof look adds to the Sports Sedan overall look and appeal. The prototype Maxima on the other hand looks more like a everyday sedan. One design element we do like however is the rear door cutout. The side profile of the Maxima is one design elements I  am looking forward to.

Maxima Tester Right Side | SMADAE MEDIA
Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Side Profile | SMADE MEDIA



The rear end of the prototype is heavily rapped up; we cant make out any remembrance between neither the All-New Murano nor the Sport Sedan Concept. But from what i am looking at; justifies that the Maxima did go with a different look on the rear end design. However we just have to wait and see.

Maxima Tester Rear End |Autoblog – AOL
Nissan Sports Sedan Concept - 2014 NAIAS - SMADE MEDIA (8)
Nissan Sports Sedan Concept Rear End | Autoblog – AOL

Overall we both love the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept car and the Nissan Resonance Concept, They are the design that’s re-shaping Nissan dull line up of undesign cars; The Resonance Concept turned into a better looking 2016 Murano. We hope Nissan can continue to build on the work and design from the All-New Murano and improve on it. We look forward on seeing what Nissan design team comes up with, because before the latest generation Murano, Nissan design team was pretty much non existences. With one beautiful design under its belt, we hope the next Maxima will resembles the Sports Sedan Concept as much as possible, but we are hoping at-least 80 percent of  the Maxima design will come from the concept and hopes that Nissan continue to build off the Murano design; both in concept form and production form.  We do wish however that the GT-R four door couple resemblance of the Sport Sedan Concept; will one day find its way into the market; and if Nissan doesn’t deliver maybe someone else will.

One thing we are not feeling is the interior design in the All-New Murano. The design just doesn’t live up to the exterior. We feel like the designers went back to their lazy old ways to create the interior dashboard of the new Murano. One thing we do like from the Murano interior is the beautifully done white wood accent trim. The Murano interior features design, that can also be found in the Nissan Altima, Pathfinder, Sentra ,Rogue and now officially the Murano. Some may like it, and yes I did at first, but what I don’t like is coming with a completely new exterior design language, but a old Interior design; that just doesn’t look right; with this beautifully revolutionary design only to step into the vehicle and find yourself in a Sentra – we call that the art of laziness; and it’s something we feared might be carried over to the Maxima cabin.

The powertrain on the next generation Maxima won’t be available anytime soon.So what do we think will make it under the hood.We figured that the Maxima powertrain will remain the same of that in the current generation Maxima. 3.5L V6 racking up 290 Horsepower connected to a CVT with 19/26 City/Hwy fuel rating; The same engine the Sport Sedan Concept showed up at the North American International Auto Show with. We should also expect a Hybrid version from Nissan; as now a days they are following Toyota/Lexus foot steps with a Hybrid for every model; even on Infinities; and last time i check the Maxima is a Nissan. The hybrid version would most likely use the hybrid system found in the Pathfinder Hybrid – A 2.5-liter supercharged four.

The Maxima has always been the best selling sedan from the class that filled with big name sedan such as the Toyota Avalon, Chevrolet Impala and Hyundai Areza. With the addition of the Mercedes Benz CLA-Class and Audi A3 Sedan all starting at $2999, This class of cars cant just rest on looks alone. Even-though Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and Audi A3 Sedan start at 29999 they can run all the way up to 55K+ to feel comfortable and have a comfortable ride. Sales in this class will definitely take a hit, but the Maxima and Avalon you get a big car with more room;and 50 percent better quality. The Maxima has always been the sportier one; Toyota Avalon the luxury one; and Impala the middle child and Areza the forgotten one. We think it will remind the same, because Nissan knows how special the Maxima is to their sales and by designing the car off the Sport Sedan Concept, we can already tell that Nissan has the sporty one still on it’s team, aiming for another big success, in the sales department.

GALLERIA | 2016 Nissan Maxima Testing

GALLERIA | Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

– PHOTO: Nissan USA | SMADE Galleria | Autoblog

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