2015 Ford Mustang GT-F 35 Lightning II Edition is a MONSTA!

BRONX, NEW YORK | July 27 | Ford’s newly redesign Mustang has surely been making it’s rounds all over the world, in various forms, The soon to be on sale American Pony car has a new very special model known as the Mustang GT-F 35 Lightning II Edition, is pure monster both on the outside and under the hood. The GT-F 35 Lightning II Edition is build using the current generation Ford Mustang set too be on sale in the coming months. However keep in mind that this isn’t just another version of the Mustang, this is the fighter jets of pony cars, only instead it’s powered by a sweet American V8 engine. Design with an aeronautics and aviation theme in mind, this vehicle is probably the only time my two love would ever come together which make this Mustang very special Mustang indeed. Along with the fact that the one off pony was created to be auction off at the Gathering of Eagles Auction block.
The 2015 Ford Mustang GT-F 35 II Edition was design using Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II (F-35B) fighter jet as inspiration, a US Air Force one of a kind fighter jet that has design and speed, a great inspiration for any car design. For years Ford Motor Company has been teaming up with EAA Young Eagles of charity designing and creating one-off United States Air Force theme Mustang then send them to the Auction block for charity, money earn from the event goes to EAA Young Eagles Program.
Over a year ago Ford design the one-off theme 2014 Mustang Thunderbird that went for around USD $400 Million. The Thunderbird is one of the USAF most recognized aircraft around the world. However with the recognized name and icon of the Thunderbird, we expect the Mustang GT-F 35 which has a starting price of $156 Million (156,800,000) we expect it to pass the $420 Million mark. Why? Because of the fact that the new Mustang is in its first year of design that features many pass icon design from the American Pony car long rich history, so with that said this vehicle is full of history at the same time a fighter jet in its mind.
The GT-F 35 is fitted with its yellow and black racing stripe running down the middle of the grey exterior paint scheme along with yellow side mirror and lightning strikes with the lettering ‘F-35″ running across the rear of the exterior. The rear is fitted with a tall wing which give the fastback design of the Mustang a little weird, it doesn’t say “AM FAST! And ILL KICK YOU’RE 4ZZ!” nor does it say “AM ELEGANT ON THE OUTSIDE, BUT ILL STILL KICK YOU’RE 4ZZ!” it feel more like something that’s just there, However with all the other design and blackout wheels send this design into the AWESOME box, it competes the car look and with what’s under the hood it needs that!.
The US, UK, Nederland’s, Turkey, Australia, Norway, and other country flags on the lower front of the doors, is a nice touch and attention to details. (see gallery below)
With an aggressive design especially one that inspired by a fighter jet should always scream fast and  that’s just what the GT-F 35 Mustang has going for itself, however it’s not just looks a lone this monster is packing try 435 pounds of power from a 5-lite V8 and 400 lb-ft of torque. This easily give you the feeling of your own fighter jet that you can takeout whenever you feel the need.

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2015 Ford Mustang GT-F 35 II Edition and United States Air Force Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet.


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