NY- New York – BMW unveiled the final member of its brand new compact luxury couple known as the 4-Series – BMW now has officially shown off all the member of the family from the – Luxury Sports Coupe – 4 Series Gran Coupe – 4-Series GT – Luxury Sports Convertible (Cabrio) –  M4 Performance Coupe – M4 DTM Racecar and now officially the M4 Performance Convertible (Cabrio)! However BMW might just surprise us with a M4 Gran Coupe and M4 GT in the future as they look to expand their lineup offering more choices than Lexus; Mercedes Benz – and Audi.

The M4 Cabrio doesn’t offer much; of say a difference in design on both the exterior and interior; the visual is the same only way you can tell its a convertible is simply by looking at the roofline. I am not saying thats a bad thing, because the M4 is a prize performance monster, however the Germans aren’t doing much to make their models standout – Mercedes-Benz has a cheap little CLA coupe sedan; that expensive but come available with no space for a human adult to be comfortable in the back seat and materials thats just dont say luxury.

Why am i mentioning the CLA you might ask simple, because Mercedes-Benz just launch a $120,000 Couple has i have a hard time telling if its the CLA are what only thing you can use to tell it apart are the size and tail. So that why i say there isn’t any personality in any German car at the moment design wise; performance wise yes!.

OK! back to the BMW M4 Cabrio! The beautiful convertible will also see those same engine as in its cousin the M3 Sedan and brother M4 Performance Coupe – The M TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter inline-six produces 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque; which can be hook up to a 6-speed manual (AWESOME)  or the 7-speed M-DCT Transmission.

SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria - BMW M4 Cabrio (Convertible)  - STILLS (11) SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria - BMW M4 Cabrio (Convertible)  - STILLS (13)

ENGINE ONE-O-1  – Breaking Down M4 Cabrio Engine

– Power |  Speed

Like the new BMW M3 Sedan and new BMW M4 Coupe, the new M4 Convertible sees a return to an inline-six engine, as used on the second and third generations of this iconic open sports car. The new turbocharged engine combines the best of both worlds – reaching a maximum 7,600 rpm, The new engine sees a power upgrade over the previous V-8 to 425 hp, which is delivered between 5,500 and 7,300 rpm. Peak torque has been increased by roughly 40 percent to 406 lb-ft, and is maintained over a very wide rev band (1,850–5,500 rpm). The sprint from zero to 60 mph takes the new BMW M4 Convertible just 4.4 seconds with the 6-speed manual. Equipped with the 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission, this number falls to 4.2 seconds. Top speed is 155 mph (electronically limited). The BMW M TwinPower Turbo engine hits maximum revs of 7,600 rpm, in keeping with the typically high-revving character of M engines.

SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria - BMW M4 Cabrio (Convertible) - CLOSE UP (3) SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria - BMW M4 Cabrio (Convertible) - CLOSE UP (4)

– Technology 

The M TwinPower Turbo technology comprises two fast-responding mono-scroll turbochargers, High Precision Direct Injection, Valvetronic variable valve timing and Double-VANOS continuously variable camshaft timing. Valvetronic and Double-VANOS work in tandem to seamlessly control intake valve lift. The result is smooth and efficient power delivery, very sharp response and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

The six-cylinder engine features a closed-deck crankcase design which is very rigid and allows cylinder pressures to be increased for improved power output. And instead of liners, the cylinder bores feature a twin-wire arc-sprayed coating, which results in a significant reduction in engine weight.

Engine weight is further reduced by the forged, torsionally rigid crankshaft which, as well as saving weight, also provides increased torque-carrying capacity. This significantly reduces rotating masses, resulting in improved throttle response and acceleration.

SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria - BMW M4 Cabrio (Convertible) - INTERIOR  (2) SMADEMEDIA.COM Galleria - BMW M4 Cabrio (Convertible) - INTERIOR  (3)

The M4 is set to make its official debut at this month New York International Auto and then officially going on sale late summer; to blow your mind and your hair!

  • For all the information on BMW All-New Performance Sports Coupe – CHECK THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE BELOW AND THE SMADE MEDIA “PRESS VOLT”


2015 BMW M4 Convertible



BMW M4 Convertible Official Press Release

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