LEAK! 2015 Ford Mustang?

Well, well what do we have here on this magazine cover,  well it looks like it might be the 2015 Ford Mustang!,
Earlier today it seems like someone got hold of the next issue of Autoweek magazine, with a big surprise on the front page, The 2015 Ford Mustang which is set to make its official debut on Thursday, December 5th at a worldwide event! The magazine shows the front end of the vehicle, which features a grille more inline with Ford’s hot selling Fusion. The grille is fitted with a honey comb inserts and finished it off with the Mustang logo. The front also feature a new three strip tube DRLs (Daytime Running Lights/Lamps) that match the rear amber emergency and turn signal lights. Overall the front end isn’t much of a looker, it wont draw crowds design wise, it wont scare you out the left lane when they see you approaching, although the design isn’t at all revolutionary, the front end does give off a clean aggressive look.

The side profile really draws a little from Toyota-Subaru FR-S-BRZ  compact coupe, which means the Mustang famous side profile (green-housing) lost it’s mustang iconic shape and side profile, that has been around for century from the first generation Mustang to the current Mustang. Overall the side profile is different from the Mustang siblings,  in fact its so much different that the Mustang father would’ve ask his wife/girlfriend to get a DNA test. I understand most new car model years supposed to look a little different, but if you know anything about the Mustang and its bothers and sisters, they have pretty much  always carry that iconic look. Before this 2015 model, the 2006 model was the only mustang that didn’t resemble the iconic look, but if you  look hard enough you could see it a little but this one I don’t see it at all.
The interior of the 2015 Mustang isn’t clear on these leak photos, so i won’t go into it as much; I’m just going to say it looks special, it looks like a place where the drive/ owner would be happy to be in and if the car is fun to drive, like pass Mustang am sure they will be in there forever.
Although these opinion are only base on these leak photos that appeared on the magazine cover, and the fact that the mustang is probably one of the most iconic car, plus it is one of the most unanticipated car launch of the year next too Lexus RC Coupe and Jaguar F-Type Coupe,  not to also mention it has been rendered more than i can even count, but the fact that the Mustang will be making it debut on Thursday i believe its official , and at the even ill be posting and updating my opinion more once we get to see the car.
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