NY, New York – A week after the German auto manufacture announces a new X-Series that would be the flagship of its X-Series lineup; was coming. Reports has been flying around publication auto sites and magazines that BMW is planning a new flagship sedan that would be name the 9-series (why not 8-Series?).

Why a new flagship Sedan you may asked! Rumor has it that this flagship are for those who find the 7-Series old or doesn’t live up to luxury standards. The new 9-Series will likely change that and up the High End Full-Sized Luxury Sedan market we came accustom too. The 9-Series should be adopting from the BMW Gran Lusso Coupé Concept, (Which was released last year) and will be big enough to even ride on a Rolls Royce platform and use their V12 engines. The 9-Series and the upcoming Rolls Royce Phantom will most likely have a lot in command; it may also see China auto market and Russia auto market long before us in the United States gets a hold of it.

So what will happen to the current 7-Series? BMW 7-Series is an icon.  In the back of my head am wondering why are they launching a new flagship sedan when the 7-Series has so much history behind it; and is also de for a new model in the coming years. Although losing to Lexus and Mercedes Benz, the car is still one of the best full sized luxury sedan you will ever see on the road just ask Kia about the 7-Series and I bet they have nothing but praise for it.

No official announcement hasn’t been made yet, however there has been reports that the new flagship will be making its world debut at the upcoming 2014 Beijing International Auto Show in a concept form!

What do you guys think of this rumor; and if its true what do you think will happen to the 7-Series?


BMW Gran Lusso Coupé Concept


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