The Simpsons 25years Series Long Marathon Coming to FXX August 21st

BRONX, NEW YORK | Americas favorite family and longest running TV show, The Simpsons are coming to FXX in a 522 back to back episode marathon.
FXX, a part of FX networks, which is owned by FOX Entertainment Group is planning a full series long marathon of America’s favorite yellow family, the marathon will include every single Simpson’s episode ever created in there 25 seasons on television; including their only movie “The Simpsons Movie” which came out in theaters in 2007. That’s 522 episode of coach sketches, Bart being Bart, Lisa being smarty pants; Maggie not talking; Marge and her long blue hair and Homer D’oh!.
The series marathon will go down in the record books as the longest TV marathon in history; the marathon is set to begin on August 21st at 10 a.m., running through 12 a.m. on September 1st, once all 522 episodes and the movie are shown, FXX will place every single episodes online for subscribers to watch.
From September 2 on FXX will then schedule its newly acquired comedy series “The Simpsons” across their lineup which will be airing on both weekdays and weekends, along with an 8 episode mini-marathon theme of 8 episode every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. leading up to new episode on playing on FOX animation domination every Sunday 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
In October we can also expect that launch of Simpson World; created as the Ultimate Simpson digital experience, allowing authenticated cable and satellite subscribers to have an on-demand access to every single Simpson episode at SimpsonsWorld.com, where users can also create a one of a kind Simpsons experience and share personalized playlist clips and many more features. FX and FOX subscribers will be able to view episodes through application(apps) such as FXNow, FOX Now on iOS; Android; Gaming Consoles PS4; Xbox One; Xbox 360; Smart TV and other Windows devices.
Growing up as a kid in The Bronx, the Simpsons has always been my favorite show, even today as we speak at the age of 25 it is still my favorite show, The Simpsons has been the only show that can make me relax from a long day of work, school and playing outside when I was young. Today it still relaxes me whenever I need to take some time to myself to clear my thoughts and write a great review for SMADE. This is one of Television biggest accomplishments for the family from Springfield, who is used to big accomplishment after holding the record for longest running series on television today with 25, helping FXX create the longest running marathon ever known to human. I will definitely be watching most of this marathon, Siri has already created my reminder for August 21st.

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