Nicki Minaj single "Anaconda" art cause Social Media Uprising

BRONX | NEW YORK | July 28

Nicki Minaj has a sexy body and a great big ass, a sexy body that she loves to showoff, in her videos and by wearing tight fitted clothing which she always wear, and a great big ass that she also likes to show off in her videos, magazines or just walking down the streets, Nicki loves her body but love her ass even more. The world loves Nicki Minaj ass as much as Nicki Minaj loves showing it off, probably even more; Nicki said, the few that doesn’t are often females that are consider jealous, simply because their boyfriends all love her or they envy her ass, beauty, and money.

Well in that case it seems like those jealous females and old grandmas was out in full force on social media sites like Twitter; Facebook; Instagram, when Nicki Minaj debut her new single Anaconda art, featuring (a-whole lotta ass). The “Anaconda” single art photo shows:

Nicki is in her favorite color a pink bikini and blue sneakers, her long black hair flows down the hip hop artist back down to her butt as she bends down, while her back faces the camera and her head looking back at the camera, as she pop out her (big ol ghetto booty) buttocks for the shot as it comes together with nothing but white background.

 Nicki Minaj Official Anaconda Single Art
Looking at the photo you can’t help but to feel helpless and steer at her butt, you see 2 perfect round circles, Nicki makes the photo looks like her booty is all that’s in the photo. Many fans and viewers around the world seems to have no problem with the photograph, in fact I think it’s perfect, if you listen to her music and watch her videos, you will see that this is all Nicki Minaj, this is just who she is; however, just as much as many likes it; there are many out there that hates it. The photo did exactly what it was release too do and that’s cause controversy to get people talking, and that just what happen.
The photo cause a major uprising all over social media and the internet, the photo was received by many as too racy and ratchet; many find it more X-Rated then PG-13ish. “Anaconda” titled single was due to release yesterday (Monday July 28) however, the breakout Hip Hop Artist of Cash Money Records has push the release date back one-week to August 4th, where it will be release on iTunes.
Nicki talk about the push back over Instagram

“My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4,”

With no explanation on the reason why only a follow up posing that reads.

“I promise you will understand why before the week is out.”

Many say it was the uprising that cause the single to be push back from its original date; however many doesn’t know Nicki Minaj, racy is what she does, and with an upcoming album on the way racy is the number one word in her campaign dictionary. The other half that likes the images are having fun with it all over social media, showing their support for Nicki Minaj, who is also having fun with the whole controversy posting some of alter images to her instagram. Nicki Minaj respond to world the only way she knew how to respond and that by releasing another racy (hot) photo. This one less sexy however it shows a human side to the Hip-Hop artist, the photo was taken from the same photo shoot; in the photo:
The once American Idol Judge still in her pink bikini and blue sneakers, this time standing up facing the camera with a lean to the side, hips out pose top off with a serious look on her face (the fierce look) left hand hanging down while right hands on her hip, showcasing her curves with her long black hair running down to her back and over her shoulders. The photo is top off with a pink carpet and a pink workout ball in the back ground.
Nicki also posted a series of photographs to her Instagram; one a Sports illustrated magazine cover art and other various photos of other females booty popping, that has been ruled acceptable by the public, she has also commented on many parody of the singles cover art on her Instagram. My favorites are the Marge Simpson parody and SpongeBob, i especially love that one.
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