Etihad Airways New Livery Coming?

Bronx, New York – After unveiling a killing new cabin for its upcoming Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliners, its seems like Etihad Airways is changing its livery, and we have a sneak peek at the airbus factory, thanks to a flickr photo from user A380_TLS_A350

The photo clearly shows a brand new Airbus A380 tail freshly painted and heading to be place on an new plane. The tailfin is covered with diamond triangular patterns covered all over the fin, all in different sizes and colors. With no fonts the patterns isn’t just interesting part but so is the colors, we have brown, grey, creamish, white, and yellow, sounds fun right? Seems like Etihad isn’t just trying to change the game on the inside but also on the outside with its new livery. SMADE MEDIA cant wait to see what the design team of Etihad has in stores for its plane, after giving us such an amazing cabin design, with the Etihad Residents and which probably will run anywhere up too $21,000. The outside has to look just as great as the inside because the world will always know what the outside looks like but not the inside. Emirates, Etihad biggest competitor and rival has a great livery that pays and also has been with the company from the very begin and has surprisingly been on Boeing 737s and Airbus A300 aircrafts. With the A380s coming soon we are definitely looking forward to this livery and reviewing Etihad new products for ourselves.


A Sneak Peek of Etihad upcoming new livery design.

Sources: A380_TLS_A350



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