2014 Mercedes GLA

Just after releasing a teased video this morning the German Brand had plan’s of releasing their new comer the GLA – Class at next month auto show but as you know nothing can ever stay a secret for too long especially in the automotive world.

With looks like it’s other twins the European A-Class the brand new CLA and GLA which all rides on Mercedes new FWD platform; both aim to take Mercedes Benz line up by storm in the American Market especially and some overseas market. Style wise it was just what I expected. For the GLA to resemble the A-Class a little bit more than the CLA-Class. Overall it is a beautiful vehicle but it seems like it’s bring the brand down. In a way with these 2 vehicles coming with the same everything from design to drive feel it just cheapening the Mercedes brand. Yes sure in Europe Mercedes Benz BMW are just another brand just like Toyota or Volkswagen but this is America its a luxury brand be luxurious not Small Medium or Large.



Mercedes Teaser Video


Press Release

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