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RECALL ALERT: Ford Issuing a Safety Compliance Recall For Certain 2014 Ford Flex and F-150

Ford is issuing a safety compliance recall for approximately 134,947 2014 Ford Flex and F-150 vehicles in North America for a passenger seat sensing issue that could result in non-deployment of the passenger airbag in certain frontal crashes, if an adult is in the passenger seat. This may increase the risk of injury in certain frontal crashes.

RECALL ALERT: Ford is Issuing A Recall for the 2005 – 2011Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car

Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 38,600 2005-2011 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car vehicles in North America; because they may have been improperly repaired during a previous safety recall for an issue with the lower intermediate steering shaft. This improper repair could potentially result in a loss of steering.

RECALL ALERT: Ford Issuing Safety Recalls For 2014 & 2015 Transit Connect

Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety recall for approximately 27,597 2014 Ford Transit Connect vehicles in North America for potentially incorrect fuel and vapor line routing. If the lines are routed incorrectly, they may rub together, possibly causing a leak in the fuel line over time. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may result in a fire.

BEAWARE!!! Delta Air Lines Fake E-Ticket E-Mail

So people please be on the lookout for these fake e-tickets receipts from Airlines around the globe not just AIRLINES FROM AMERICA American Airlines, United, a Delta, but also other international from all faces of the globe from Virgin Australia, Qantas to Swiss International Airlines, British Airways, and Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, and many others, if you didn’t order any airline ticket, and you found a receipts for one, then delete it especially, when it’s only u that use your e-mail and especially if you’re using outlook and you found the e-mail in the junk folder, then it’s junk trust outlook, it’s amazing when it comes to detecting spams, virus, and fraud. Please read my testimony.


  • 3pc Luggage – how much luggage u pack 0 how much are u planning to pack 0
  • FORM OF PAYMENT / CC | TOTAL PRICE / 228.10 USD – check your credit or debit follow charges
  • ARRIVING / Corpus Christi – do you even know where that is?
  • Zip file – most airlines doesn’t offer download zip files with e-ticket receipts
  • SUBJECT line reads –

Tonight I was checking my email when I came up on the junk section and saw and e-mail from Delta Airlines, I knew it was a spam, why, because I use outlook one of the greatest e-mail client ever created, their junk folder rarely ever gets this type of stuff wrong, so I open the E-Mail just to be curious, I saw an email that reads:

Your order # ID00810970 has been completed
Order Notification,


DATE / TIME 21 OCTOBER, 2014, 10:45 PM
ARRIVING / Corpus Christi
REF / EF.1763 ST / OK

Please find your ticket attached.
You can print your ticket.

Thank you for your attention.
Delta Air Lines.

I was so curious that this was my thought after reading

  • I was wondering did I purchase a ticket?
  • Did my mom, or my girl, because we was planing a trip and we plan for October!

So I was really there thinking for a minute. But I felt like a fool because the ticket came with a zip attachment. I downloaded it on my android phone. I extract it and find as whole lot of this.


But I went on my PC lucky I had ” show extension” box click in Windows Explorer, under view MENU, It wasn’t a ET-72994641.doc but rather a ET-72994641.doc.exc, so now I went back to the email and realized that this was obviously a virus, so if I didn’t have that box check I would have a virus by now trying to reset my PC. but because I was so curious and the family was planning a vacation I didn’t think twice, but I should have realized it was a virus with the given facts right on the screen.

  • NAME – missing
  • EMAIL –  Although it says from delta airlines look at the current header
  • FLIGHT NUMBER – missing
  • AIRCRAFT TYPE – missing although most airlines doesn’t show this


it just didn’t look like an e-ticket receipt period.


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