Nissan Kicks Concept Debut at Soa Paulo Auto Show

Nissan releases the all new Kicks Concept at the 2014 Sao Paulo International Auto Show, The Kick was designed at Nissan’s North American Design Headquarters. The concept resembles the current generation Nissan Juke, the Kicks concept could be exactly that; the next generation Nissan Juke, which is more than 4 years old.  Nissan concept as of late has stick to a very concept-production design language; when we look at the Kicks concept, all we see is the current generation Rouge/X-Trail mash together with the overall shape and class of the Nissan Juke.

The Check-Like DRLs (daytime running lights) along with the headlights and front grille or now making its way towards productions vehicles. Started with the Rouge, and now the 2015 Murano. With the Murano taken 90 percent resemblances from the resonance concept. Nissan last six concept cars were designed with a particular design language, a design language that the public seems to admire; just like us here at SMADE

Nissan Kicks Concept

The Kicks concept is a product of America, it was designed right here in America at Nissan Design America, which is located in San Diego California. Under the leadership of the Global Design Center in Japan, packNissan Design America was able to create a concept that looks both rugged packs a compact performance stances. Nissan is using this concept to showcase its new satellite design studio; known as Nissan Design America Rio.

“The main inspiration for this concept was the contrast that we saw in the gray tones of the urban settings in São Paulo and the bright natural colors that we saw near our studio in Rio,”  “How to combine these two, the grayer urban tones with the bright sunset orange that we would see – this combination we thought was really uniquely Brazilian.”

– Robert Bauer, Chief Designer at the Rio studio

Nissan Kicks Concept

“But the team has a bigger ambition for this concept, It’s not only just for the Brazilian market, but we capture the idea of Brazil and then we apply it to our global design improvement, making a stronger design lineup for future Nissan designs,” says Taro Ueda, Vice President of Nissan Design America.

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