TOYOTA Release the All-New Esquire Range for Japan

Esquire Range

 Esquire Specifications

1.8 L hybrid 2.0 L
2.0 L 4WD
Length/width/height (mm) 4,695/1,695/1,825 4,695/1,695/1,865
Wheelbase (mm) 2,850
Engine Model 2ZR-FXE 3ZR-FAE
Displacement (cc) 1,797 1,986
73 [99]/5,200 112 [152]/6,100
142 [14.5]/4,000 193 [19.7]/3,800
Fuel efficiency Under JC08
test cycle
(km/L) 23.8 16.0 14.8*
* For vehicle weighing 1,660 kg or more (four-wheel drive model weighing 1,650 kg or less has fuel efficiency of 15.0 km/L under the MLIT JC08 test cycle)

 The 2.0-liter 3ZR-FAE gasoline engine model uses a high-efficiency Valvematic engine with Super CVT-i and other features, which enables it to achieve gasoline-engine class-leading environmental performance, with fuel efficiency of 16.0 km/L under the MLIT JC08 test cycle.

Apart from the Xi grade gasoline engine model (four-wheel drive model weighing 1,650 kg or less)4, all models exceed MLIT’s 2015 fuel economy standards by 20 percent. Being certified as having emissions that are 75 percent lower than the 2005 standards under the MLIT’s Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles makes these models eligible for the Japanese government’s subsidies and tax incentives for eco-cars.

Elegant, striking front view
  • The Esquire presents a striking impression with a sense of width achieved through a large and striking T-shaped front grille down to the lower grille, a bumper profile gripped from the side, and fog light covers with a deep profile.
  • The decorative plated bars over the grille give a vertical emphasis that expresses a stunning, superior luxury, with a sense of width and solidity achieved by changing the pattern of the vertical bars arranged from the center out to the sides. The grille bars and headlights come with a smoked-effect coating to emphasize the T-shaped profile.
  • The Esquire’s front marque combines the sword and shield of a medieval knight’s apprentice, the collar of a gentleman’s suit, and the abbreviation “Esq.”
Side view delivers a sense of openness to the cabin and vigor to the body
  • The side profile presents a large, continuous window area through to the third row of seats, with a vivid beltline extending from the front to the rear, which provides both dynamic body qualities and a sense of openness with its panoramic view.
  • Stainless steel belt moldings and decorative plating on the door handles provide deluxe accents to the side view. The gray metallic coating on the wheels also expresses high quality.

The expansive profile presented by the decorative plating on the back door, together with a sharp cross-sectional profile, present width and grandiosity. With a structure that appears to be floating over the back window, it expresses a sense of interior openness and a grand rear view.

The Esquire comes in seven body colors, including Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine that offers lustrous elegance and depth of color that further expresses a deluxe and high quality feel.

Ride comfort and handling stability
The flat, low-floor package, with tuned front and rear suspension, limits vehicle roll and other movement when turning and provides a smooth ride with very little shaking and great driving stability.

Handling stability and ride comfort have been achieved by increasing body rigidity through such things as using bracing around the rear suspension and employing spot welds focused on door openings and floor joints.

Equipment providing safety and security With a Beautiful  Interior

Toyota Esquire (Japan) - SMADE MEDIA  (3)
“T-Connect” compatible navigation systems will be available as an option. The “Agent” Toyota Smart Center-based voice recognition service supports the driver through interactive voice communications and by using the driver’s route history to predict the car’s destination. T-connect compatible apps can be downloaded straight to in-car navigation systems, and the “Online Care” service integrates and improves on the functions currently provided by G-BOOK.

Also available as an option is the Intelligent Parking Assist system with Easy Set and wide-angle color backup guide monitor, which detects the location of parking space lines when the gear shift lever is moved to Reverse, and then automatically steers the vehicle straight into the parking space once the OK button is pushed.

Automatic High Beams help ensure good forward visibility for the driver by using an interior camera sensor to detect various light sources during night-driving (including the headlights and tail lights of preceding and oncoming vehicles) and automatically switch from high beam to low beam, while LED headlights provide an improved sense of security with bright lights for night driving.

The Gi grade evokes high quality, from its interior burgundy color scheme to its use of synthetic leather throughout, including full seat covers and covered surfaces from the instrument panel to the door trims. With the delicate expression of red tones through the perforated seat covers, the synthetic leather material also works to control temperature variations to feel less hot to the touch in summer and less cold to the touch in winter.

The Gi grade also offers a high-quality interior through use of leather and a black wood grain finish on the steering wheel and shift knob (excluding hybrid versions).

The air conditioning control panel features an elegant Piano Black coating.

The large open tray on the passenger-side of the instrument panel and the upper sections of the door trims have a metallic finish and stitching to present a strong impression of refinement.

The three-gauge instrument panel uses metallic finish dial rings and three-dimensional lettering and scales to achieve a modern, high-quality design.

Esquire Hybrid 

Toyota Esquire (Japan) - SMADE MEDIA  (1)

The vehicle exterior has a stunning and powerful presence, from its front grille with a striking vertical emphasis that stretches all the way down to the lower bumper, to the plated finish on its door handles and back door. In the interior, it features synthetic leather with a metallic finish and stitching from the instrument panel through to the door trims. The “Gi” grade features a high-quality finish throughout, from the black wood grain finish on the steering wheel and shift knob, to full synthetic leather seat covers and a burgundy interior color scheme. In addition, a flat, low-floor package creates a roomy interior with outstanding ease of ingress and egress to ensure a high level of basic functionality, while also achieving environmental performance with class-leading3,4 fuel efficiency for hybrid models at 23.8 km/L under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) JC08 test cycle.

‘Esquire’ Minivan Hybrid System Main Specifications
Engine Model 2ZR-FXE
Displacement 1,797 cc
Maximum output 73 kW [99 PS] / 5,200 rpm
Maximum torque 142 N-m [14.5 kgf-m]/4,000 rpm
Motor Model 5JM
Maximum output 60 kW [82 PS]
Maximum torque 207 N-m [21.1 kgf-m]
Complete system* Maximum output 100 kW [136 PS]
Battery Nickel-metal hydride

 Esquire Range Price Rundown

Seating Engine Transmission Driveline Price*1
Xi 7 3ZR-FAE
Super CVT-i Front-wheel drive 2,622,857
8 2,592,000
7 4WD 2,828,571
8 2,797,714
7 THS II with reduction gear Front-wheel drive 3,043,543
Welcab side lift-up seat 7 3ZR-FAE
Super CVT-i Front-wheel drive 2,763,000*2
4WD 2,954,000*2
Gi 7 3ZR-FAE
Super CVT-i Front-wheel drive 2,823,428
8 2,792,571
7 4WD 3,029,142
8 2,998,285
7 THS II with reduction gear Front-wheel drive 3,204,000
*1 Includes consumption tax; does not include recycling fees; differs in Hokkaido and Okinawa
*2 Consumption tax does not apply

Welcabs: Specially equipped vehicles with factory-installed features for the disabled and elderly

Toyota Esquire (Japan) - SMADE MEDIA  (26)

The Welcab wheelchair-adapted models (ramp type) equipped with a manual forward ramp aid access to the luggage compartment through the back door, and a custom installed second row of seats provides direct wheelchair access to the cabin. When wheelchair access is not required, the vehicle can be used conventionally. An electric ramp is also available as an option with some specifications.

A Welcab Friendmatic Seat model also has support for moving to and from the driver seat, together with electrically controlled storage for the wheelchair.

A Welcab Side Lift-up Seat model (detachable type) has a second row seat that doubles as a wheelchair, while usability is improved through an automatic memory function that stores forward and backward sliding positions and reclining angles during seat storage.

The Lift-up Front Passenger Seat model with seat that slides down and to the outside of the vehicle has improved usability through an automatic memory function that stores the height of the lowered seat, and forward and backward sliding positions and reclining angles when storing the seat.

Esquire’ Welcab Variants Pricing
Seating Driveline Engine Transmission Base
Lift-up front passenger seat 8 Front-wheel drive 3ZR-FAE (2.0-liter) Super CVT-i Xi 2,727,000
7 4WD 2,946,000
Side lift-up seat (detachable) “Manual caregiver-assisted type” 7 Front-wheel drive 2,878,000
Side lift-up seat (detachable) “Electric caregiver-assisted type” 3,361,000
adapted model (ramp), Type I
For one
7 Front-wheel drive 3,026,000
4WD 3,207,000
For two
Front-wheel drive 3,109,000
4WD 3,290,000
adapted model (ramp), Type II
No third seat 6 Front-wheel drive 2,957,000
4WD 3,137,000
With third seat 8 Front-wheel drive 3,067,000
7 4WD 3,256,000
Welcab Friendmatic model, “Welride” 6 Front-wheel drive 2,948,000
4WD 3,138,000
* Does not include consumption tax; does not include recycling fees; differs in Hokkaido and Okinawa
 Overview | One reason Toyota is so respectful is the fact that they never forgets the disables and the elderly when making a minivan; they done that here in the United States for years with the Sienna and offers many other vehicles from the lineup that can be fitted out for disables and elderly or people who just needs to get around in a wheelchair or limited mobility. The welcab version of the Esquire is just another example showing how Toyota thinks about everyone and makes cars specially for those people. Sometimes it drives me crazy when car enthusiasts beat down a car because it isn’t fast enough or handles like a Porsche; car enthusiasts of all people should know that not all cars are made for performance because not everyone thinks about performance; because not everyone can handle a Nissan GT-R or Porsches and over the millions of years Toyota has build its great reliability record; because you can always rely on them to get you where you want to go.

Overall we think the people of Japan is getting yet an awesome Toyota that features a beautiful extensive design; that’s unlike any today on the road. The Esquires also features a grille that draws its passion and design from the Crown; Toyota big boy; a car that is filled with luxury and design; they even features the same logo. One day we hope to see designs like this on American shores. Toyota is aiming for 4,000 unites per month to be sold. The All-New Esquire will be manufactured at Fujimatsu Plant in Japan.

QUESTION! Knowing what the Esquire is build for; if it was to come to America would you buy it? Think About It!

SMADE Galleria | 2015 Toyota Esquire Range for Japan

SMADE | Play

Esquire First Experience

Esquire Overview (Japanese)

 Esquire Brochure (JAPANESE) 

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