Introducing the 2014 LEXUS IS

My favorite car in the whole wide world is the Lexus IS yes its my favorite car i love the design of the first generation then completely  fell in love with the second generation Lexus IS from then on i just new it was my favorite car, when i saw it on the road i always stop and look at it for minutes sometimes even hours , The F SPORT Version OMG OMG OMG OMG LOVE! right now am completely speechless! and Now one week ago Lexus introduce the Third Generation Lexus IS and although i was skeptical because i was just so sad to see my favorite ever go away forever i just couldn’t bear the thought of it so when i first saw this new design i was sad not sad with the car but sad as i sad to see it go i even wrote about it title “the day my favorite car disappeared  but now i have come to understand and appreciate the car that will be taken its place the 2014 LEXUS IS and this design is bad ass just what i love its unlike nothing else on the street; and a lot of car in its class will fared it. Al thought the IS may not have been the best selling car in its class i think year by year it will catch on.

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