BMW M5 NightHawk – A BMW Made Only For Japan

The Japanese only 2014 BMW M5 NightHawk is one sexy black mother of a pearl!

The M5 NightHawk is packing a 567 HP (15 HP increase) from a special tweaked Bi-Turbo V8 that will hit 0-60 in 4.2 seconds that’s a tenth-of-a-second off the normal V8 engine.

The NightHawk also features an updated active rear differential, M chassis control system along with lowered and stiffened suspension.

BMW only plan on building 10 of these special editions M5 and they will be sold for 18,200,000 yen which is around 181,000 in US dollars.


what do you guys think? are you as jealous as I am of the Japanese?


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1 comment on “BMW M5 NightHawk – A BMW Made Only For Japan

  1. London Paris

    Very jealous!

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