Founded by O’Keeve Foster, the C.E.O, and President, Smade is a multimedia, entertainment source that’s based in New York. SMADE MEDIA was developed to deliver entertainment in various forms, including writing, video production, photography or live events. Our goal is to continue to deliver our content to as many people as possible. Whether with a magazine, video channel, or sports commentary SMADE MEDIA will continue to look for different ways to innovation and technology as well as research. However, before all of that, we will start with THE SMADE JOURNAL.

THE SMADE JOURNAL and New York belong together, New York isn’t just our base, our home, New York is the capital of the world, the one place where an eye is always open; it’s a city of love, passion, crime, dreams, drama, new beginnings; second chances, the sleepless city. New York is a place where no-one will ever judge you for who you are. In New York, the rich and the poor live together without any problem. New York is where the world comes together to create amazing; and that just what SMADE MEDIA is all about; create amazing for mankind.


SMADE MEDIA WRITER’S ASSOCIATION – The governing body for SMADE MEDIA writers, developers, artist; photographers and Journalist. SMWA provide the space needed, to work together to deliver a one of a kind multimedia informational network with an experienced team dedicated to the art form of their position along with anyone who loves to read, enjoy and appreciate great literature, with a passion for creative news, in automotive, technology, sports, entertainment, traveling; and gaming and the everyday events that this life delivery here and around the world.